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May 5, 2004 09:47 PM

Bubble (Boba) Tea in Miami?

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Does anyone know where Bubble (Boba) Tea can be found in Miami? Miss Yip's is supposed to have it but it's not on their menu yet. Thanks for any help you can provide! Any where in South Florida would be fine if you know a place, I'm getting desprate!!!


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    s.m. koppelman

    Surely some dingy HK restaurant or Vietnamese noodle shop somewhere in Dade County has it by now, but as a Broward resident I don't know of any.

    In Broward, you now have a few choices:

    - In Pembroke Pines, Pepper's, the alien-to-South-Florida Taiwanese/Szechuan/etc. place at the SW corner of Palm and Pines. The restaurant is a marvel, their bubble tea less so as they make almost everything as slushies or with crushed ice. Me, I like ice cubes that can't make it up the straw, thanks. Others here have mentioned having it at Bamboo Garden III, another restaurant at the same intersection, and at a kiosk in a mall.

    - In North Broward, they've got it at Saigon City and the Pho Hoa franchise, both on 441 within a mile of Commercial, a great chow corridor with not one but two very good HK restaurants, a Chinese barbecue takeout and a prepared-foods shop (rice noodles, steam bread, mooncakes, fried dough for all your congee needs et al), a Trinidadian roti shop, Caribbean bakeries, etc. Bubble tea seems to be popping up at Vietnamese businesses in Broward so far, not Chinese ones, though you can get home bubble-tea kits and things like jars of precooked tapioca pearls in syrup at area Chinese groceries.

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    1. re: s.m. koppelman

      across the street from Peppers, Bamboo Garden III also serves Boba.

      1. re: rich

        hey there! what about boba in palm beach county? boca? west palm? im from gainesville too and i cant live without the boba! someone help!

        there is a new boba place in gainesville called BUBBLE TEA 88. its fantastic. on univ ave across from swamp and next to pita pit!

        mmmmm yummy!

        1. re: vanita

          5 Spice Asian restaurant on Yamato Road in Boca Raton has excellent bubble tea and excellent Chinatown style roasted meats.

      2. re: s.m. koppelman

        There is bubble tea inside pembroke lakes mall on pines blvd. at a stand called kool spot.

        1. re: s.m. koppelman

          Lan Pan Restaurant on S. Dixie Highway, by Target/Michaels/BestBuy sells the bubble tea. It is in front of the metro-rail Dadeland North station (next to Michaels).

        2. The only place that I know if in Miami is LAN Asian Cafe at Dadeland Station. It's located on the ground floor near the corner of US1 and Kendall Drive (SW 88th St.). The food isn't bad, but I go mainly for the bubble teas and juices.

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          1. re: Ed
            Big Bad Voodoo Lou

            I've gotten the Thai iced tea with pearls at LAN Asian Cafe. It was good, but they only have 4 or 5 different flavors. There was a fantastic boba tea place in my college town of Gainesville (north central FL) that I miss terribly.

            1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

              What was the name of the Boba place in Gainesville?

              1. re: eric
                Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                The boba tea place in Gainesville is called Bento, and it is near the Royal Park movie theater on Newberry Road, just east of SW 34th Street. (Keep in mind University Avenue turns into Newberry Road as you head east.) It is in the strip shopping center east of the movie theater, and near the Gators Dockside restaurant. The food at Bento isn't bad, but the selection of delicious boba drinks are what keep people going back. I recommend you go there AFTER your movies rather than before, as they sometimes take a while, and always have long lines.

                1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                  actually, 2 months ago a place called Bubble Tea 88 opened up in Gainesville, its in a shopping plaza off of University Ave near that Swamp restaurant... the people there are really nice =)

          2. I'm not sure if the tea I know of is what you're looking for, so you might call first. There is a new tea shop in the Galleria Mall on Sunrise in Ft. Lauderdale...called Teavana. I believe they have what you are looking for. There is also a place in the Sawgrass Mills Mall that has it...I don't know the name but I think the mall has a website that might have it. It is located at the end of the mall near Target Greatland.

            1. Did you go to Miss Yip's? I was under the impression that they were serving it already, please advise

              1. d
                downtown diva

                here i thought i was the only one looking for bubble tea in Miami! there's a whole post for it. i already know about Miss Yips - still don't have it as of 6/18/04. however, i just heard about a place called "Lo's" (sp?) across from the dadeland south metro station. going to check it out this weekend. still waiting for Miss Yips...