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Apr 14, 2004 02:49 PM

BBQ anywhere near Pensacola?

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We just moved to Pensacola and we love good barbecue. Is there anywhere in this region that we can find the secret ultimate BBQ? We are willing to drive an hour if necessary.

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  1. In Mobile,you have the Brick Pit and Saucy Q.

    Both seem to be worth a stop.

    You have to judge if it is worth a drive.

    The guys at the Brick Pit are comp cooks.

    Other than that ,there are some franchise places around the area.


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    1. re: Tom-Fl

      Here is the link to the Fla BBQ Assoc website that lists Q joints in Fla.

      We only list members comments on them.

      There are a few close to you,if you scroll down.



      1. re: Tom-Fl

        I live here...and just looked at those places on the website. Huggins??? They must mean City Grocery on 12th Ave., But I don't think that they do BBQ anymore. And the other place, I really wouldn't even stop the car for. We really aren't known for our killer BBQ places. I don't really eat I can't begin to tell you. There is a Dreamland's in Mobile that we were thinking of trying. But I will ask around to see if anyone recommends something.

        1. re: Jenny

          Thanks for the recommendations. We went over to Foley, AL this past weekend and tried Lambert's Cafe. Food and experience were really good- and fun for the kids too. Didn't try any BBQ in that area though. I will try the places in Mobile when we head over there.

          1. re: Christy T.

            Dreamland in Mobile is a good place to try. Close off the interstate. They're also in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa (which is the original one , I believe).
            Famous for their sauce. But good banana pudding too!
            We're Texas BBQ folks but we've eaten all kinds...Memphis, Carolina, Kansas City. Dreamland stacks up well.

    2. Brick Pit is probably too far, but if you're in Mobile anyway, I'd really recommend it. I had a pulled pork sandwich, my companion had the ribs, and we both had spicy sauce. We just about licked our plates clean.