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Mar 13, 2004 11:25 AM

Jewish rye bread

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Need Jewish rye bread Naples/Ft. Meyers area

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  1. honey... we ALL need jewish rye bread in the naples/fort myers area....good luck in your search......

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      They just opened a Kosher style deli called Sol's on the East Trail. haven't tried it yet but the
      Table Talk: Dining options expand with kosher-style deli in East Naples

      LINDA GORDON, reviewed it on January 28, 2004. Per the review, Sol's Kosher-Style Deli opened at 3785 U.S. 41 E., in the space formerly occupied by Ponderosa Steakhouse.

      Most of his bread, for example, is delivered at 7 a.m. daily from Miami and Hallendale. Whole loaves of rye bread are shipped partially baked from New York and finished in ovens at Sol's.

      Sol's is open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. Information: 417-0006.

      This is a start and I'm hoplful. Steve

    2. There may be a good quality fresh "Jewish rye bread" available from an unlikely source in your own neighborhood.
      The bakery department in Publix makes something called "Corn Rye with Seeds". It is a freshly baked (in store) round bread that is dense and chewy and as good, if not better than most "bakery" "Jewish rye bread", available here in southeast Florida. If you don't like the item from one Publix, try another - since it is prepared in the store, the quality can vary. Some bakers may under-cook it so that it is too moist, or over-rise it so that the texture is too light. When properly prepared however, "it makes a good sandwich"!