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Mar 12, 2004 10:38 PM

Sid & Roxie'sTurtle chowder

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Can anyone tell me where I can order (online - I'm in Wisconsin) Sid & Roxie's Turtle Chowder ? Saw it on FoodTv and missed the website. Served at The Green Turtle Inn ; Islamorada, Florida

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    The above is the link to the Inn and Restaurant..

    Hope this helps...


    1. Charmin, good news & bad news: Bad news first: New owners didn't restore the cannery operation, so you cannot order canned turtle chowder. Good news: If you can visit their Islamorada location, the new frozen version is available to go and is way, way tastier than those old cans. BTW, I have an unopened can left from the "old days". The link above IS NOT the Green Turtle Inn, here it is:

      1. More bad news: I visited the Islamorada location to get more frozen-to-go, and they assured me "they don't offer frozen soup, only freshly-made". After further discussion, they introduced me to the chef, who agreed and remarked "Canning - now that's before my time!". Not wanting a dish of soup to carry around, I left empty handed. I guess the they can't bother with either the cannery or the frozen versions, so it's sayonara Sid & Roxie, and "Here's to the good old days of turtle chowder!"