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Feb 26, 2004 12:12 PM

Jacksonville Ethiopian?

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Hello, I will be in jacksonville Florida for a few days. I am from Miami, and i think we have established that there are no ethiopian restaurants here.Can anyone tell me if there are any in Jacksonville? If so, which one and is it any good. I will be staying near Water Street in downtown. Thank You in advance.
(if anyone has any ethiopian friends, tell them there is a great market here in miami for one)

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  1. I too would like to see an Ethiopian restaurant stay in business in Miami.

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    1. re: Dikembe
      Hoosier Daddy

      Perhaps when they (the Ethiopians) learn to speak Spanish

      1. re: Hoosier Daddy

        im glad all the thai, indian, chinese, italian etc. didnt decide to learn to speak spanish before they opened a restaurant here in miami.

        1. re: dbellas

          well....i had ethiopian food and lots of it in jacksonville. it was excellent. i had both Queen Sheba and Yeshi Cafe. they were both excellent. Also, my hotel was more than 45 min. away and both restaurants delivered the food to my hotel! and these restaurants dont deliver. they did this out of the goodness of thier hearts.if you are interested email me for adresses and names for who to talk to.

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            Mekdes Berhane

            Hey, This is Mekdy from Yeshi Cafe i just read ur massege thanks for that. I just want to ask u how did u find us? So pleas if u don't mined e mail me back thanks.

    2. I've gotta jump in here. Try Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant on Bowden Rd. on Jacksonville's Southside - easy to get to from the University Blvd/Bowden Rd. exit off I-95 south. Here's the basic info - I haven't been and have only one reference - it's on my gotta get there list, but right now I'm dedicated to checking out the entire menu of a Nicaraguan place on the Westside. On that, more soon:

      Queen of Sheba
      6426 Bowden Road
      Jacksonville , FL 32216
      Phone: (904) 733-6661
      Cuisine: Ethiopian , Casual

      1. Are either Queen of Sheba or Yeshi Cafe still open? I did not find any mention of them in any later posts but would love to try them (or any other more recent Ethiopian).

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            I know the website is quasi-active, but I have called them a few times and they keep saying they are in the process of moving. They have been moving for almost a year now!! Note to self: Don't use that moving company.

            Somebody let us know when and if they ever open at their new location on Emerson.

        1. Just curious - isn't there an Ethiopian restaurant in the Design District in Miami (Sheba). I ate there once. Has it closed?

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            Sheba in Miami's Design District is still there.