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Aug 20, 2004 01:51 AM

favorite foods of seattle?

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ok i arrived in seattle the night before, wonderful city great part of the usa, i grabbed a late lunch at salumi and that was just perfect, the bike station, next door to salumi is a great bike shop too, non profit, support it for sure, i rode my mountain bike over 30 miles after lunch explore the downtown, water front , queen ann area, all over, summer time in seattle awwww good to be alive,
im here in seattle for a week, plan to check out the bike trails all over the city, im looking for all your fav eating places to check out, im looking for the gems that seattle has to offer, any sugguestions would be totally appreciated, peace

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  1. Try Macrina's Bakery on West McGraw on Queen Anne. Everything yummy, not just the bakery items but soups, focaccia, etc., and it's a great place for day old bargains if you go early in the morning. Just a nice place to hang out, and I like the Queen Anne site better than the more crowded and noisier Belltown site. A link to Macrina is attached. Also: I recommend Mandarin Chef on The Ave in the U-District for lunch. Hand-shaved noodles, delicious kung pao and dumplings, gracious owners, and unbeatable prices. If the weather is cold, try the bottomless cup of chai at Cedars on Brooklyn in the U-District (Middle Eastern fare.) Their butter chicken is exquisite, especially when the sauce is sopped up with garlic nan.


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      Try one of the Tom Douglas' restaurants. We really enjoyed the Dahlia Lounge, it's a Seattle classic, IMO. We also enjoyed the upscale Flying Fish and the views and coconut prawns can't be beat at Salty's on Alki Beach.

      I've also heard good things about Matt's on the Market and Elliott's Oyster House. The Six Seven at the Edgewater Hotel is a great place to go for apps and a glass of wine, dine out on their outdoor patio, it's literally "on" the water. It's a nice place to relax and watch the ferry traffic. Their fried calamari still brings back pleasant memories of our time spent in Seattle. ***kim***

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        Matt's is wonderful and very reasonably priced.

        I you are craving Szechuan try Seven Stars Pepper at 12th and Jackson in the International District (the crab is terrific), or for Vietnamese in the same little mall, try Huong Binh.

        You can ride your bike easily to Fremont along the Burke Gilman trail, and there are plenty of decent restaurants there. Norm's Eatery (460 N. 36th) has good pub food, Cafe Ladro (next to Norm's) has great coffee, and if you feel like riding up Fremont Avenue to 42nd/43rd or so, the Swingside (sort of northwest/Italian) and Persimmon (for breakfast/lunch) are nice choices. Paseo, at 42nd and Fremont, has fabulous cuban sandwiches (the prawn is out of this world). There is lots of servicable Thai in Fremont as well. Or, you can get deli food to go at the PCC Natural Market and eat it along the bike path as it runs along the canal. Riding the Burke Gilman the other way, toward the U district, will take you near Agua Verde (1301 NE Boat St), a mexican cafe with a great waterfront location.