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Feb 13, 2004 08:13 AM

lakeland florida where to eat?

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we will be in lakeland, florida two days and one night...where should we eat? places...local...seafood...bbq...lunch and dinner...thanks, dee dee

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  1. You are in luck if you are there Wed-Sat.

    Bonesmoker's serves world class competition barbecue there.




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    1. re: Tom-Fl

      Unfortunately, I believe today is his last day of being open for the season. He is having to hit the road a little early this year.


      1. re: RibDog

        Yeah it sure was. I could probably make some money if I'd actually be open once in a while.

        I gotta go to Atlanta, Kansas City, Albuquerque, Sacremento, Anaheim, back to Albuquerque, Denver, KC again and Saint Louis between now and April 1st. I see many gas station dogs in my future.
        See you in September.

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      Tandoori Girl

      I've posted before looking for places to eat in Lakeland. There's one place that's a Lakeland institution -- the Reececliff. It's on Florida Avenue just before Edgewood, I think. It's a casual family place. Pies...

      I went to a catered dinner in downtown at an elegant old hotel that had been renovated -- beautiful building -- I believe it was on Lake Morton. The dining area was nice, white tablecloths, and a beautiful view of the lake across the road. If only I knew what the building was I'd certainly recommend it, though you won't find fabulous food. There's not much in Lakeland -- unless someone can tell me different.

      1. What about the Branch Ranch near I-4?

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          Tandoori Girl

          I haven't eaten at Branch Ranch in years. I think it's awful. They cater to busloads of tourists, and the food is marginal at best.

          I wouldn't waste my time.

          1. re: Tandoori Girl

            I have to agree with Tandoori on this one. The food has lost a great deal of its quality over the years. I originally ate there back in 75 when I was actually happy with the food. You can find better.


        2. While Lakeland is not a stellar restaurant city, there are enough good restaurants to sustain a short visit, especially if you are willing to drive thirty minutes to Winter Haven, Plant City, Lake Wales or Lake Alfred. heres a list.

          Antiquarian Restaurant and Bay Street Gallery
          211 East Bay Street, Lakeland, FL 33801
          (863) 682-1059

          Terrace Hotel
          329 Main St E, Lakeland, FL 33801
          (863) 688-0800

          LA Palma Ristorante
          2333 Cleveland Heights Boulevard, Lakeland, FL 33803
          (863) 701-7000

          Red Rose Dining Room
          2011 N Wheeler St, Plant City, FL 33563
          (813) 759-1888

          Antonio's Authentic Mediterranean Cuisines
          5665 Cypress Gardens Boulevard, Winter Haven, FL 33884
          (863) 318-1456

          Chalet Suzanne Inn & Restaurant
          Lake Wales, FL 33853
          (863) 676-6011

          Lekarica Country Inn Restaurant & Golf
          1650 South Highland Park Drive, Lake Wales, FL 33898
          (863) 676-8281

          Lavender N Lace Tea Room & Restaurant
          430 North Lake Shore Way, Lake Alfred, FL 33850
          (863) 956-3998

          The best barbecue rolled out of town with Bonesmokers (had some last weekend) but Jimbo's in Lakeland and Peeble's in Auburndale are institutions. Auburndale also has great pizza at The Pizza Connection and good English food at Surrey Arms.

          I hope this helps. If you have any more specific requests let me know, I might know of a place. I have some favorite holes-in-the-wall but they are not places I normally recommend.


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            hi eric... i will be visiting lakeland for a week next month... and being from the bay area i am going to find it a challenge.. i am game... please do post a few hole in the wall places.. i have dine from the ritz to some of those dives around the world and believe me some of the best food in my life was found at those dives - that you don't want to know if they were able to pass a health inspection smiles!! thanx ruth

          2. I grew up in Lakeland. It's a good place to raise a family, and to grow up, but it's not a culinary paradise.

            There used to be a diner up on Lakeland Hills Blvd., north of the hospital and Watson Clinic that was run by a Thai couple. You had to ask for the Thai menu, but it was good.

            I used to eat lunch from time to time at the Reececliff, and it was not memorable. As a woman dining alone, I seemed to get short shrift on the service every time I went there. I think it has had its ups and downs across the years, as far as the food quality goes.

            My favorite place that never seemed to lose its quality was good old Mr. Fish. A tiny take-out across from the main public library on Lake Morton. Get your fish sandwich or fish and chips, walk down to the lake and sit on a bench while you eat your lunch.

            I think that some of the places around the square surrounding Munn Park would be a good bet.

            A lot of the big chains have invaded Lakeland over the last ten years. I hate to say it, but they may be the best bet for Lakeland.