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Feb 6, 2004 02:56 PM

Delray Beach Area

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Would appreciate any recommendations on good restaurants in the Delray Beach area.Seafood, ethnic, (sushi,Chinese,Italian,etc.)Thanks

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  1. Just finished succulent Tapas dinner for two at Falcon House.Fine diverse menu--fairly young crowd, both singles & attached. Snapper, Rack of Lamb, sinful Banana/carmel/chocolate cake w/beacoup calories.
    We liked it, & will return.
    See below.


    1. j
      Jennifer in Delray

      I live close to Atlantic Avenue wish makes downtown a little more convenient for me.

      I really like the Blue Anchor pub which has pretty good food for a British pub. It's on Atlantic towards the beach. I really like their seafood pie and the Scottish fish cakes, though they have quite a bit of other things on the menu, including barfood for those want something mundane. We are beer drinkers and they have a decent selection of that too.

      I also liked City Oyster, also on Atlantic. It was a little pricey and the dishes were hard to picture from the menu description, but the seafood salad was delicious and so was the Leopard Creme Brulee. We went there late and had appetizers, dessert, and drinks but I was impressed.

      As for fancy chinese, out west on Atlantic towards military trail is a restaurant called Gary Woos, I haven't been there in a while, but last time I was there is was packed. The usually require reservations.

      That's all I can think of right now.


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      1. re: Jennifer in Delray

        Is this Gary Woo's related to the Gary Woo's in Boca? When the Sun-Sentinel reviewed that place they revealed the funny story behind the name. The owner's name is Gary Galimidi. He's a Sephardic Jew from Egypt who grew up in New York. When he moved to Florida he missed "New York-style Chinese food," so he decided to open a place that served it, and brought chefs down from New York's Chinatown. If I may now briefly quote from the review: "When I told my fiancee's son that I was going to open a Chinese restaurant, he said: Who do you think you are? Gary Woo?" LOL

        PS The alte kockers in Boca love Gary Woo's, so it's not surprising the one in Delray is packed too.

        1. re: Bob W.
          Jennifer in Delray Beach

          Oooh, shame on me. It's Tony Wu's I was thinking of. I have not tried Gary Woo's though I drive by it quite a bit to my friend's house in Boca.

          Tony Wu Seafood and Steak Cafe, 561-498-8307, 4811 W. Atlantic Ave, Delray Square, behind Publix next to the movies

          1. re: Bob W.

            Foo on yoo if you eat here...a garden of unearthly delights. Try orient palace north of hidden valley on federal, or if you can handle the big mall in boca, try stir crazy for some fun(maybe even some chow fun). skip pf changs unless you want to wait for somewhat above average fare.

            1. re: jb

              Ugh! Stir Crazy at Town Center is asian fusion and there's nothing good about it. I ordered pho there and it was the worst I have had. I guess I asked for it by ordering a viet dish in an asian fusion joint. Americanized asian food served here but that's what fusion is all about.

        2. Just got back from a brief visit. City Oyster was fantastic. For breakfast we preferred the food at Ciao but the location of Luna Rose across from the ocean was great. We tried Lemongrass, and it was good but nothing out of the ordinary for us. Also, if driving on 95, we stopped in Palm Bay, FL for a wonderful cuban meal at LAS PALMAS
 - minimal atmosphere, imaculate cleanliness and great food.