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Jan 26, 2004 02:14 PM


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Hi all,

My boyfriend and I will be in Miami in two weeks and we need some suggestions for restaurants. We love authentic vietnamese and asian food (noodles, Pho) any ideas?


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  1. There's a Vietnames place called Sushi Saigon on Washington Ave. w/ pretty good Pho and a killer spicy lemongrass beef soup.

    1. the most authentic vietnamese I have found is at little saigon in North Miami. 167th and n. miami ave on the nw corner behind a gas station. again this is strip mall culture at its finest. and incredible menu with photos and delicious food.

      pho is great, vermicelli, even veggie options are done well, fungi dumplings, green papaya salad(Specify tofu sub for pork product, you will still be eating fish sauce most likely so it's not an option for vegans)

      1. Mr. Chu's has great dim sum - the restaurant is good too.
        I like miss saigon on brickell and cg but do not know how authentic it is (not an expert on that cuisine).
        I understand Hy Vong is quite authentic and many people say it is great, but I have never been.
        Tropical chinese is very good too but is pretty far if you are staying in sobe.

        1. Green Papaya at 16893 NW 67th Ave. just north of the Ludlam Road exit on the Palmetto Expressway. Authentic Vietnamese with very good pho. Almost as good as some I have tried in San Francisco. Also Jumbo Chinese Restaurant at 1242 NE 163rd St. in North Miami Beach for good dim sum. Singapore rice noodles are very good. Lots of curry. Excellent dumpling soup also. They serve dim sum for lunch every day. Unfortunately no soup dumplings. Also in the same strip mall there is a Chinese bakery with red bean buns. Both places are 30-45 minutes from South Beach by car.

          1. Keep an eye out for O'Asian on Lincoln...they are about to open an anuthentic Japanese noodle shop. Their Yakitori bar on the second floor is now open. I'd give them a couple weeks to work out the kinks but by the time you arrive they should be ruinning on all cylinders.