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Jan 21, 2004 01:17 PM

Decent seafood buffets in Kissimmee/Orlando

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Ok, so I know a seafood buffet isn't going to knock my socks off or anything, generally speaking, but looking through some travel brochures, I see quite a few. Are there any even moderately good seafood buffets in the area?

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  1. Angel's Diner 192 near the Disney main gate. - All you can eat lobster $19.95. before 6pm. Get there around 4pm or it's too crowded. After 6pm it's like $26. They've got lobster, snow crab, raw oysters, crawfish, mussels marina or garlic, shrimp.

    You'll also see 'Coney Island' - avoid it - it's a bit on the dirty side and the food tastes stale.

    There's also 2 'Lobster Feasts' on Internation Drive. I've never beed but my wife says they're a bit stale and a bit higher priced.

    Angel's has a straight bar so people must wait online for salad, bread, vegatables, etc. You can 'cut' and go directly to the seafood if you want - the waitresses will suggest it to avoid a 15 minute wait.

    1. looking for a good seafood buffet near St. Petersburg Florida

      1. went to Angels seafood buffet in sept. dont waste your money...29.95 with the lobster
        it is a tired looking buffet..

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          Agreed... Angel's has always been a visit for us during our annual trek to Orlando. We went this September and found the quality has gone way downhill. The lobsters were no longer juicy. They were overcooked and dry. We can deal with a price increase, but not if the quality goes down too! We won't be back!

        2. 192 Latino Buffet, features authentic Latin American food with an emphasis on the Caribbean recipes. They have an extensive buffet including stews, fried meats, sauteed veggies, rice and beans, steak, empanadas, full salad and dessert bar. All the food is cooked fresh and the chef comes out to visit with customers once in a while to see how everything is tasting. The service is also very attentive. All this with a $5.99 lunch special... May need a bit more ambiance but overall my experience was great since I went there to eat not to look at wall decore. They have a website check it out.