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Jan 21, 2004 08:32 AM

Ruths Chris or Mortons?

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Anyone have a preference and why? I want to take my wife for Valentines Day for a nice dinner and am curious as to everyones opinion on which steakhouse is better. Thanks.

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  1. Although there is some variation from location to location, IMO Ruth's Chris is far superior for food and, particularly, service. I hate the canned speech at Mortons when they bring the food display to the table.

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    1. re: Karl

      My first reaction is that Morton's is slightly more "formal" and therefore perhaps more "celebratory" for a romantic occasion... both have superb food.

      The bone-in prime rib with a nice cabernet at Morton's is pretty awesome.

    2. Well, they are both pretty good, so I don't think you can go wrong either way.

      I prefer Morton's as far as food goes, but I think their wine list leaves alot to be desired.

      If you are near or willing to drive to Boca Raton, I would recommend NY Prime for an outstanding steakhouse experience.

      1. I've never been to Mortons but would like to since it's right across from our Ruth's Chris.

        The Ruth's Chris in Dr. Philips (Orlando) is horrible. The food is acceptable but when I went the staff was so green the service more than offset any chance at a good meal. The best 'hand on deck' was the 70 year old water boy who had to make several trips to 'find' our waiter. Needless to say I was very unimpressed. If in Orlando try Vito's Chop House on I-Drive ( awesome steaks and service - figure on dinner from $40-70 a head - same as Ruth's and Morton's.

        Living just off of I Drive I can tell you all the good, bad, and ugly in this area.

        Ruth's Chris? - I've had much better Filets at the airport Marriott.

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          I've eaten at the Ruth's Chris on 51st Street in NYC and in Raleigh NC and have eaten at the Morton's in Charlotte NC on two occasions.

          For my money, there is NO comparison. Ruth's wins, hands down. Morton's overseasons their meats and the ambiance, at least in Charlotte, is not relaxing. Personnel and clientele seemed equally up-tight and frantic. Not even the Ruth's in NYC was that frazzling.

        2. I prefer RUTH CHRIS over Morton's anyday..Morton's is way too snobby ( both are the same price) and Mortons rushes you out of the restaurant..

          If you are near Boca, I SECOND NY PRIME..I had one of my best steak dinners there...with terrific service !
          All 3 run the same amount of money and menus are almost identical...

          1. no comparison. ruth chris by FAR is the better of the two. that cowboy steak just cant be beat. and with the extra butter.

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            1. re: joe

              Delicious = Ruth's. I had a bad experience at Mortons. First time was SO-so. Second time, charred for the porterhouse for Medium-rare. Crab cakes were pathetic. Appetizers, sides, and dessert very sub-par for the price at mortons.

              The Ruth's Chris in Irvine, CA is the best one I've been to. Appetizers are pretty OK, sides are OK (Boston Market for the Price has far superior sides... HAHA). But Ruth's is clutch on Steak and has good dessert. Cheesecake, apple crumble, and CREME BRULEE. Their crusts are great. When I get the ribeye, I tell them to add bleu cheese on top. it is so good, I can't wait to go back this holiday season.