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Jan 12, 2004 08:36 AM

Estelas in Tampa

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Went to the one in Brandon for lunch on Saturday. Everyone had a combo plate of some kind - all execellent.
Even my daughter, the veggie person, found a combo to her liking. Two locations - Davis Islands and Hwy 60 in Brandon.


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  1. I haven't been too impressed by Estela's. I have found Carmelita's in Clearwater/St. Pete to be much better. They have four locations in Pinellas County:


    1. I love Estela's and don't go often enough. This is where i discovered real mexican food.

      1. Estela's is the only place I've found so far that gives you decent serving of Flan when you order it... I mean, what's with that 3 tablespoon portion that you get everywhere?!

        I've been to the Davis Island location once, and the Brandon location once--- both a few years ago... Embarrassingly I can't remember what I ordered, but I remember the Flan!

        I'm more into Mexican food now---more of a foodie--- so I'll try them again ASAP...

        1. Another great Mexican place is in St. Pete-Red Mesa.

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            Yes, i've been to Red Mesa. Loud environment but really good food!

            Red Mesa Restaurant
            4912 4th St N, Saint Petersburg, FL 33703

          2. I can not understand how it is that people continue to recommend Estela's as GOOD Mexican food, it blows my mind to find that people believe it is representative of Mexican at all.

            Filling portions of canned refried beans doused in white processed cheese, topped with shredded iceberg and a slice of Roma tomato. Rice made with packaged mix. Okay- there's your sides. And the main dishes- pre- shredded chicken and beef kept in steam pans, stuffed into Sysco tortillas then topped with generic taco sauce and aforementioned white process cheese melted in the microwave?

            You call this MEXICAN food?
            Sadly, in the whole of the Tampa Bay area, I have never found anything resembling true food from anywhere in Mexico.

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              the mexican girl that took me there seemed to think it was pretty good mexican food, haha. i think it's the same with any ethnic food. you can two people born and raised in mexico and one will say it's awful and the other will say, tastes just like mom's. i can't say that i can compare to to anything but the dish i got was excellent. maybe it's gone downhill since i've been there last??