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Jan 4, 2004 10:42 PM

coral gables where to et

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i will be in the coral gables area in feb, and would like to know where to go eat. i am interested in ethnic foods and restaurants that have good atmosphere along with good food


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  1. Pascal's on Ponce is a wonderful French restaurant, Hy-Vong on S.W. 8th Street for Vietnamese is excellent and close to the Gables, Miss Saigon Bistro in the Gables for Vietnamese is supposed to be excellent but I've haven't personally tried it. Norman's gets excellent reviews for his New World cuisine, but we were there quite a while ago and I found the food a little "busy." I'm sure fans will disagree, but that was our take on the place. I don't know where you're coming from, but if really good Chinese is something you don't get locally, Tropical Chinese (also not in the Gables, but not too far away) is awesome. Both their regular menu and the dim sum are wonderful. For Cuban, I always recommend Versailles (also not far from C.G.) - the food is pretty good, but to get a real taste of authentic "Cuban" it can't be beat. Have a good trip!

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      I know this review is a few years old.....but I went to Pascal's last night and the food was a bit spotty. My lobster bisque was salty and my husband's duck was tough. The cheese souffle was excellent. The crabcakes were also very good.
      I would not discourage from going there, but would not say it is excellent.

    2. There are a hundred possibilities. Check out Francesco's for Peruvian. It is simple and lovely. The cavernous Los Ranchos has a Nicaraguan feeling and can be tasty. I think Hy Vong is a bit strange though its loyal following would stone me. I love the simple and unadorned(not atmospheric) Su-Shin Izekaya for real authentic Japanese beyond sushi.Versailles is always a trip. I love Best Times on 8th Street for a sandwish which is out of this world for $2.99 in an atmosphere so horrible it is cool.

      1. Laura, I was in Coral Gables a couple of months ago. I didn't want Cuban since we have so much of it in the Tampa Bay area and I can make a lot Cuban food myself. The first night there we ate at La Gastronomia as we walked around to see what was available. The pizzas looked good, it was late and we wanted something light. My only beef was that I ordered a caprese pizza which was described as having fresh mozzarella and basil. The pizza came with the mozzarella and one basil leaf in the middle. What's up with that. I called our waiter over and pointed to the sad little basil leaf. He sheepishly came back with a plate of basil to add to the pizza. The second night we ate at La Cofradia a Peruvian restaurant. I thought it was expensive but the food was good. Due to high recommendations we drove to Miami and ate at Michys on our third night. I found the food better and more reasonable than La Cofradia and worth the drive if you have not been there. My best find was Xixon http://www.xixoncafe.com. Xixon is this little Spanish cafe with lots of wine and tapas. It was wonderful.

        Review- http://www.miaminewtimes.com/search/r...

        Highly recommend Xixon. I could have eaten there every day and not had the same thing twice. The stuffed squid in black ink was incredible. This place is hard to find since it's in this professional building and we finally found it our last day on the way out. We sampled a few tapas and ordered some sandwiches for the ride home. My wife looked at me funny when I ordered the squid at 11:30 in the morning. She is not as adventurous as I am but she to her surprise loved it as well.

        You can use the New Miami Times restaurant guide to search other choices


        Have fun. Miracle mile is not much to speak of. Lots of bridal shops left since all the good stores moved to The Village of Merrick Park down the road

        Edited to add: OOPS. Just noticed the date on your post. A little late but timely for anyone else visiting the area

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        1. Go to the Biltmore for Sunday Brunch