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Dec 27, 2003 02:41 PM

DimSum in Fort Lauderdale Area

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Looking for a place to get dim sum in Fort Lauderdale area, prefer west area of town, but will go up to Pompano or South to Northern Miami area. Never had dim sum, but want to try it.

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    s.m. koppelman

    Hong Kong City BBQ on 441 just north of Commercial has dim sum daily, though you generally order off the list rather than point at carts being pushed around, since it's a smallish place. Silver Pond, the larger HK place a few blocks south of Commercial may also do it on weekends, I'm not sure. Both are great HK restaurants.

    Toa Toa at Pine Island Plaza off NW 44th St. in Sunrise also has dim sum, but I wouldn't go there if you paid me to. Bleah.

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      Why don't you like Toa Toa ?

    2. Bambu Garden on Pines Boulevard in Pembroke Pines has dim sum on weekends and it is quite good. They do have carts, but primarily you order off the menu. It's mostly Chinese people eating there, but the wait people are as helpful as their English allows.

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        Jennifer in Delray

        I think this is the same restaurant we tried down in Pembroke Pines, Bamboo Garden III, the one that had originally been mentioned for bubbling tea. They did not have carts going around when we ordered, however we found out in the process of ordering that they have a picture menu if you'd like to see what you are ordering. They had the best egg tarts... soft with a light crust... I am obsessed with egg custard tarts, sorry.

        We actually frequent Hong Kong City BBQ a lot, but usually go there for the honey pork hanging in the window.


      2. the very BEST dim sum in all of florida is in miami. no place else compares. it is called TROPICAL CHINESE RESTAURANT .this place is very authentic. it is on BIRD ROAD. I DONT think it is in north miami but its not that far down. well worth the extra drive to get the real thing. the owners are from hong kong. sorry i dont know the exact address but its in the phone book. i dont live in florida but go on business every year and always head straight to TROPICAL.

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          Tandoori Girl

          Here's their website. Wish I could go.


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            i enjoy toa toa restaurant ALOTTT... im sad to see someone say bleah when everytime i go there it is so freaking good. try their egg custards theyre so crispy flaky good for a dessert after dim sum . for dim sum entrees i would choose the satay beef on a stick, shrimp dumplings of course, rice paste with shrimp, beef chow fun, singapore noodles, turnip pudding cake, fried taro, i can go on

          2. re: joe

            tropical is ok for those who aren't so familiar with dim sum. toa toa is, in my opinion, the best dim sum on an overall basis in south florida. sang's up in nmb also does a good job, but actually, i'd rather go to kon chau over tropical, if i'm going down south (their fish congee is awesome). silver noodles and pan fried buns (well, and their dumplings) at toa toa are good. What they really need is to open a joe's or ding tai fung over here....i miss eating good soup dumplings....anyone seen any places that serve them down here after jumbo's went down?


          3. SO good that Hong Kong City reopened and I can report that it's even better than it ever was :) Not sure why Toa Toa got the bad review, maybe an off day or something else happened to the reader, but I agree with those who like it - it's a fine second choice if HKC isnt an option.