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Dec 26, 2003 11:50 PM

Oceanic Market -- Tampa's Asian Grocery

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This year for Christmas, we wanted something different. So we followed the advice of a good friend and picked up some roasted duck from the Oceanic Market in downtown Tampa. At $14/duck, this is an incredible bargain, and a wonderful treat. It was cooked perfectly, nicely browned, succulent and juicy.

I was not surprised to see the parking lot packed with savvy shoppers who also wanted duck on their Christmas dining tables. This might have been the only grocery store in Tampa open Christmas day, which is a good thing to remember for future Christmases when you find yourself needing something at the last minute.

This market is huge. It has an incredible selection of Asian baked and steamed goodies. Their seafood market is one of the best around -- I was surprised to see large prawns on ice. They were selling fresh blue crab too. Their produce also looked very fresh.

Happy holidays!

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  1. Thanks Tandoori. I will have to check that out.


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    1. re: RibDog
      BeaN's Spousal Unit

      Us too, we'll give it a try when we're over there next.

      BeaN and I lost ourselves for hours in an Asian grocery store on 34th St N. here in St Pete. Better than the Smithsonian (for foodies that is) if you wanna kill a few hours. Wonderful stuff. Translations (where they exist) are amusing as well.

      Alas, they don't seem to do any take away Ducks, but they DO have some sort of grubs in the freezer section that even I am not yet brave enough to try.

      Warm regards,
      BeaN's S.U.

    2. asian customers shop everyday for that days meal so they absolutely demand the freshest of produce, meats, and seafood. and the prices are the best around as they are very competitive.

      1. Thank you so much for posting about Oceanic Market. I've passed the video side of the building many times on my way to 275 and didn't know there was a market on the other side of the building.

        We went yesterday and enjoyed walking up and down all the aisles. I'm half Japanese and grew up in Hawaii so it helped with a little New Year's Day homesickness. I'll definitely go back.


        1. I understand Oceanic Market is hooked up somehow with TC Choy's, maybe same owners? Wondering if they have take out dim sum to reheat?

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          1. re: Coyote
            Tandoori Girl

            Oceanic also owns TC Choys. There is a sign for it as you enter the building.

            They have some takeouts in their steamer and their front counter. I had some excellent shrimp dumplings (I think they went by some other name but you get the picture) -- 12 for $5. I've noticed that their steamer sometimes has lots of items, sometimes has none.

            I called last week to get another duck (this duck is delicous, I can't get it off my mind ;~) . They said I didn't need to order it ahead that they'd have some when I got there. Then she said she'd take my order to make sure it was there and ready when I got there at noon. At 12:15 when I got there, they had no ducks ready and I had to wait 15 minutes. So be prepared to have your order screwed up as this is a busy market.

            But it is well worth the trip...and the wait. There's plenty to do and see while you wait. You can always eat some prepared shrimp dumplings -- now what can be better than that?!?

            1. re: Tandoori Girl

              can you give me their address and phone number?


              1. re: patti

                YES, YES! I need the address too! I am not picking up any listing for Oceanic Market on Superpages and I can't mapquest it without an address. If anyone reads this and knows the address, please e-mail me at - Many Thanks! :D

                1. re: chiffonade

                  I know others answered your question in another thread using Google, but as a matter of fact, you CAN Mapquest it without an address.

                  I went to and typed in "Oceanic market" under "Place Name" and Tampa, FL as the city and state, and a bunch of choices came up. The market you seek was #6.

                2. re: patti

                  Okay, official listing is:

                  Oceanic Oriental Supermarket
                  1609 N. Tampa Street
                  Tampa, FL 33602
                  Phone #: (813) 254-2041

                  Hope that helps,


            2. Thanks so much - I will remember that. I actually tried to mapquest some directions recently using "place name" but it didn't work. I was happy to stumble upon the addy for Oceanic in another thread. I can't wait to go - I have a whole list of ingredients I need :D.