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Dec 22, 2003 06:52 AM

Pensacola - Please help this N.O. hound!

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Hi, I will be visiting Pensacola soon & need to have a list of decent places to eat! Sure, I'd love great dining experiences.... what do you love? Price is not an object, but that doesn't mean I want only expensive restaurants. It just means the food is more important than the $$. I'd love a mix of inexpensive joints to a really fine restaurant. As long as it's really good is all that matters. I love all food except Chinese or anything with tons of MSG.

So please let me have some breakfast, lunch & dinner pics! I will be staying downtown, but have a car. Will travel!

And I will need a place for evening meal on Christmas Day!

Thanks in advance!


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  1. Just to let you all know, I scrolled thru the entire screen of posts & extracted all of the Pensacola info.

    We are going to Jackson's for sure, and perhaps the following:

    Coffee Cup
    Hopkins House

    Please, if anyone has feedback or other suggestions, it would be very helpful!

    Thanks in advance!

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    1. re: Isabella

      I work in downtown Pcola....

      Here are some ideas...

      Breakfast...Coffee Cup is a pretty good diner and a favorite of everyone's. Bagelheads on Gregory is great for breakfast. Seville Quarter will probably be having a nice brunch this weekend.

      Lunch....lots of choices in the Seville park area.
      Hub Stacey's, Government St Deli, Dharma Blue. Tre Fratelli's is very good for italian. I also love the Fish House for lunch or dinner. And Portobello (at the cultural center) is open for lunch. Yummy...this is making me hungry!

      Dinner....I just went to Jackson's the other day and it was very good, but expensive and a little too salty for my taste. Hopkins House is great for really getting stuffed to the gills and very inexpensive. They bring out platters and bowls of food and you sit at large tables with other people. Yamato's is ok, but I actually like Horizen better. They don't have hibachi tables but the sushi is excellent.

      Sorry...I can't think of a place for Xmas.

      Have fun!

      1. re: Jenny

        thanks so much Jenny, I really appreciate your time & effort! Let me know if you ever need some N.O. tips!

        I will post a Pensacola report upon my return!

        To everyone: Help! Still need a Christmas Day recommendation and any others you may have are welcome too!

        Happy Holidays!

        1. re: Isabella

          Isabelle, I asked around the office and no one is really sure what restaurants are open for Xmas. I checked the paper and didn't see anything. Here are some suggestions though.

          Downtown: Atlas Oyster Bar, Fish House, Seville Quarter, Lillo's, Skopelos

          Gulf Breeze: Bon Apetit cafe at the Holiday Inn (usually very good)

          Pensacola Beach: Jubilee's (upstairs), H2O at the Hilton.

          Or....if it is pretty. I would head down to the Harbor Docks in Destin. I love that restaurant.

          Good luck....and let me know what happens!

          1. re: jenny

            Oh Jenny, thanks ever so much for the list! You have been very, very helpful!

            Happy Holidays to you!

            p.s. I will post a report upon my return!