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Oct 16, 2003 12:48 PM

Ft. Lauderdale BBQ and Mexican

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I'm headed down to see grandma and want to eat something substantive, not too pricey before going to the nursing home. I usually stop at Tom Jenkin's bbq on rt. 1. Is there anything else worth trying? I couldn't find a listing for Jack's bbq mentioned in a previous posting. I'm still working on Ernie's.
I do love Mexican and Cuban. I'd appreciate some current references with addresses.
Josh M.

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    s.m. koppelman

    Jack's Somekehouse is on the 500 block of E. Oakland Park Blvd. As with Tom Jenkins, pork rules and is wondrous, chicken's plenty respectable (though not quite as good as Tom Jenkins), and beef is to be ignored. The sides are erratic--sometimes great, sometimes less so.

    I haven't had really good cheap or moderately-priced Mexican anywhere in Ft. Lauderdale. That doesn't mean it's not around, but I haven't found it. There's lots of circa-1971 Cal-Mex in town and a few okay hole in the wall taquerias mostly on Dixie Hwy. (none worth a trip from out of town so far IMO), but it's not a great Mexican-food town.

    On the other hand, it's not a bad town for Salvadoran: I'd trust El Tamarindo on SW 24th St. for anything and La Molienda on Okaland Park for snacks (pupusas and the like), but not entrees. At lunchtime when they're still fresh and haven't been sitting too long, the tamales at the hole-in-the wall Guatemala Restaurant (Davie Blvd. just east of 441) can be pretty great.

    Someone else will have to speak up re: Cuban. For sandwiches I go to the Tropical (breakfast and lunch only) in the Sears plaza at Sunrise and US 1. Grubby and soulless, but the sandwiches are reet good. For empanadas, croquetas and the like, Cafeteria Santa Barbara on Dave Blvd. is all right and Yarly's Bakery in the nearby Riverland Shopping Center is decent too, and insanely cheap. For whole meals, though, I leave Fort Lauderdale; there are a few good places in the suburbs. Someone might recommend Las Vegas (several locations including Ft. Lauderdale). I don't.

    My favorite Latin lunch counter of any kind in Ft. Lauderdale right now is Yummy Food, on US1 just north of Oakland Park. More or less Peruvian. Everything's good and quirkily creative.

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      i just went for mexican last night at a place in plantation named iguana mia, on university drive just north of broward boulevard on the west side. can't miss it. i'm so stuffed today i can hardly walk. my dinner was something like $10 or $11 for a combo meal. everybody in my party had more food than they could eat, and they are all big guys! if driving from fort lauderdale, take sunrise blvd west to university, turn left (south) and follow to just past cleary blvd on the right, and you will see the place.

      ernie's is my all-time favority, though! the conch is great!

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        There is no better BBQ in Fort Lauderale (or most anywhere else) than that at the Georgia Pig, on south State Road 7.

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        Cindee Warner

        What is the address and phone number for your favorite Salvadoran Restaurant in Ft Lauderdale and Orlando

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        1. If you're going to talk BBQ, how about some Texas-style BBQ? It seems rather absent in FL.

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            If you like north carolina style BBQ hit the DIXIE PIG, dixie just north of oakland park, Carlos and Peppe's is pretty good for Mexican, 17th Street east of US1.

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              I guess for Texas-style...ya gotta go to Texas!......Was in Dallas last week and stopped by my favorite place.....Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse.....A landmark BBQ joint in Dallas that's in the 'Top 10' of most every book written about BBQ.....Locally....for low-n-slow.....I hit BBQ Beach or Tom Jenkins.....BBQ Beach does have slow smoked ribs, boston butt and brisket.....Jenkins has slow smoked ribs and grilled chicken......Texas-style brisket is slowly finding it's way into South Florida.....As a native South Floridian (The Few, The Proud).....our BBQ consisted of grilling steaks and chicken....and slow cooking ribs.....At least these days you can find pulled pork, smoked brisket and a few other goodies.....And some of us are even learning the art of smoking meats......Always an interesting discussion....


            2. Keep in mind that Texas bbq is sliced/chopped beef with very little sauce.

              Split chickens,and beef hot links.

              Yes,you occasionally run across a beef rib,or pork spare.

              Sides would be pinto beans,potato salad,sliced onions and jalapenos.

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                Well...after visiting Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse for the umpteenth time this past week I kind of know Texas BBQ....I'm also a licensed KCBS BBQ Competition judge....So...I think I know Texas BBQ is sliced / chopped beef with very little sauce!!....BBQ Beach does a reasonable job with brisket....Although I don't consider Shorty's to be a "Real BBQ" place....I've had their brisket on a couple of occasions and it was acceptable.......Of course the whole packer cut briskets that I smoke on my BIg Green Egg for 18 hours don't suck either!!.....Summertime and BBQ....the best time of the year!!


                1. re: LargeLife

                  Where is BBQ Beach located? I'm ISO of good brisket.

                  I didn't like Shorty's (Deerfield Beach) very much though, I'm sorry to say. I've had Whole Foods bbq brisket and it was good, but it's a grocery store. :\

                  Thanks :)

              2. I agree with Dan about the Georgia Pig. It has the best BBQ pork in South Florida. Tom Jenkins & Jack's Smokehouse are both very good, but the Pig rules. It is a "hole in the wall" place & they don't take credit/debit cards, but if you go for lunch you better go early (11:30) or after the lunch rush or be prepared to wait. This place definately has a following! Having lived in Georgia for 10 years and searching out every little hole in the wall BBQ joint there (I hope I found them all), I feel uniquely qualified to say this, but hey, do not discount Jack's or Tom Jenkins-they are both great, too!

                Dixie Pig is also good if you like Carolina style BBQ, which has a vinegar base to their sauces. It comes off a little more tangy than the other places, but they do a good job there. You will eat outside in the heat, if that does not bother you.

                Stay away from any place that even resembles a chain, franchise or tourist trap. You will not be happy with the results. Good BBQ, for some reason, is always located in a more rustic setting and has a "mom & pop" feel to it.