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Aug 6, 2004 12:53 AM

Help with Burien, WA, Please!

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Colorado chowhound looking for a place in Burien. My brother and sister in law live there and I'd like to get them a gift certificate to a fun restaurant. I know they love seafood and eat most anything. Also, my sil loves creme brulee. I'm looking for someplace pretty midscale in price - maybe $10-$15 entrees. Any help is appreciated!

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  1. Sage, Burien has an unlimited number of Taquerias, but few upscale or mid-scale restaurants. I can recommend Dino's (206-246-1332) a Greek/Italian restaurant. Dino's has good Calamari, decent steaks (for the price point) and servicable pasta. The Burien Keg (steakhouse chain) cannot be recommended. If your relatives like Thai food, nearby Bai Tong (206-431-0893) is exceptional.

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      thee trouthole

      they could drive 10 minutes to west seattle. many options there including Ovio, La Rustica, Elliott Bay Brewery and, if they need to add salt to their diet, Jak's.


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        Thee, Good suggeston. I have heard many good things about La Rustica and plan on going there soon.

    2. You aren't, by any chance, talking about Melissa and Kevin, are you?? That would be incredibly small world!

      And I will second the West Seattle recommendation. It's close to them & I'd particularly recommend Circa, La Rustica and Ovio for gifties. Good luck!

      1. Heading for West Seattle isn't a bad idea if you want something 'nice', although many of the places mentioned will be beyond the price-range you specified. Here are a couple closer-by suggestions.

        Filiberto's (Burien) - the best 'red-sauce' Italian place I've found in the Seattle area. The menu is almost a cliche, but it is all done very, very well.

        Spencer's (Tukwila) - a very good quality steak houes, comparable to the better one in Seattle IMO.

        Anthony's Homeport (Des Moines) - beautiful waterfront view and well prepared, straight forward seafood. I've had much better luck at this Anthony's than at the other locations I've tried.

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          Ive heard Filbertos is excellent im going to try it soon.Anyone else been there?
          If you like authentic Mexican with live Mariachi band on weekends go to La Costa in the strip mall next to Grocery Outlet.I always sit by the lady on the beach mural so I feel like ive been on a real date.LOL You'll die when you taste the Chili Rellenos.

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            I heartily second the recommendation of La Costa--great food, excellent service, tasty (and potent) margaritas, and killer Mariachi band! We go about once a week. They have some tasty seafood dishes on the menu--try the Camarones Mojo de Ajo. It's family-owned and operated, and the founder was one of the brothers behind the Azteca chain. His son told us once that his dad opened La Costa to make Mexican food the way he thought it should be done, for a change!

            Just up the street on 152nd, King Wha does excellent Chinese food--mainly Mandarin and Szechuan styles.

            We've found Filbertos to be generally good, but uneven, especially in the service. When they're on, they're great, but we've felt forgotten by the wait staff as often than not, and don't count on getting in and out of there quickly. The antipasto misto is first-rate, however, and the gnocci in gorganzola cream sauce is to die for.

            Other places worth a look (all along SW 152nd Street, which has become quite the suburban Restaurant Row): The Tin Room, Osteria da Primo, and Mick Kelly's Irish Pub.

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              King Wha is pretty good lunch special is like $5 bucks.I like Wah Kue on 1st ave,its like a few blocks down from Fred Meyers on the same side of the road.Except the soup taste like Campbells chicken noodle lol besides that I think it was great,they have been there like 50 years.