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Aug 10, 2003 06:17 PM

Ethiopian Food in South Florida

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Hi! I'm desperately trying to find an Ethiopian restaurant in South Florida. They're easy to find in NYC, DC and Dallas... but none here. I read about one in North Miami Beach, but it is no longer there.

If you guys have any ideas, I'd appreciate it. I'm willing to drive anywhere in South Florida.

My email is

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  1. I also love Ethiopian cuisine. I'd love to hear about any that you find

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      The one in North Miami is closed. Went there once and didn't find it as expected. The Food was shhhhhhhhh!
      There is one in Tampa called Ibex.. The last time I was up there was about 2-3 yrs ago.The food was good, but they open @ 5:00 Pm. The other one is in Orlando...dunno the name. Sorry.

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        Im from Maryland, i came to Miami for college and im searching for Ethiopian Food. Let me know if anybody found one. Thanks

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          Ibex in Tampa is closed

        2. I am having the same problem, I found an old listing of "A Taste of Ethiopia" in North Miami, but the number is no longer in service, and I assume that the restaurant is gone. Nothing better than a spicy chicken dish with "injira" bread!

          -Desperately Seeking Ethiopian Food

          1. If all else fails, there is a mail-order source; see link below.

            There is an o/p book, Exotic Ethiopian Cooking, available through used book shops.


            1. There is a great Ethopian restaurant in Mid-town called Sheba. Here is the address:

              4029 N Miami Avenue
              Miami, FL

              I have been there a few times. Like most Ethopian restaurants, it is a great place to go with a group and share various dishes. They have a sampler entree, meant for 4 people called the Sheba Special, where you get to choose 1 meat, 1 chicken, 1 lamb, and 1 seafood dish. It is brought out on one huge platter, with various vegetable and beans on the side.

              1. Sheba is the real thing though a bit expensive.