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Apr 16, 2003 11:56 AM


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Looking for the best cuban sandwich in Clearwater/Clearwater Beach area...any advice?

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  1. Undoubtably the champion of the Cuban sandwich on this side of Tampa Bay is a little former Gas station across the street from the Clearwater st. pete airport.
    They have a little of everything for sale there but I would stick to the Cubans and Crab rolls.
    Top it off with a bag of fried Plantains and an Iron Beer Soda and you have the makings of a great lunch.
    I recall the name being Airport variety.

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    1. re: red fred

      I second this rec! But definitely order it to go - that place is grungy! (and the seating is outdoors on picnic tables in the parking lot).

      If you are down Treasure Island way and want an even better Cuban sandwich experience, check out the Floridian - just off Gulf Blvd on 107th - center of TI, walkable from beach. Order black beans and rice to go with, they serve beer and have a nice outdoor patio too.

      Have a great trip!

    2. Thanks for the suggestions, but I didn't get to go to either place...saw both, but had appointments to keep.
      However, I did indulge in a cuban at a place on Bay in Largo(?).
      "Tampa Style Cuban Sandwiches" on the front windows in a storefront. 1300 West/East Bay.
      Sandwich was pretty good, but the black bean soup with rice and onions was OUTSTANDING.
      The place was packed with locals, even local police.
      Will be back.