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Jan 21, 2003 11:41 AM

Delray Beach special occassion

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What are the top restaurants in Delray Beach to celebrate a special occassion such an anniversary? American, italian, seafood or eclectic cuisine, really anything except French. Thanks.

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  1. 32 East is excellent.
    In Boca, Zemi is also terrific.

    1. Also Cafe Luna Rosa right on the beach has good Italian and great location.

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      1. re: Richard

        Cafe Luna Rosa has romantic Spanish guitar entertainment you should not miss. He is there evenings 7 to 11? He has several CD's out...Eric Hansen. It's a major reason we go to CLR, plus the food is exceptional.

        1. re: NJFoodie

          NJFoodie and Richard, I would have normally seconded your recomendation of Cafe Luna Rosa whole heartedly. After our last visit, for lunch this past winter, I have been rethinking my enthusiasm for the place. We were with a small group of 6 people and were ignored by the service personal and the food was anything but delicious. It was nothing like our prior experiences there which had been spectacular both regarding food and service. The location is of course without parallel. If your endorsement is from recent experience, I will give it a try again this winter season but otherwise I will be loath to waste my time and money. I would like further feedback on this.

          1. re: feelinpeckish

            Over the years I have always enjoyed Luna Rosa however I have never thoght the food was great, it was good and the setting was nice. I think the food at Shore is much better, the restaurant itself is "hipper" and the view and setting is the same as L.R.

            1. re: feelinpeckish

              I also have had an experience at Luna Rosa which involved just ok food and remarkably bad service. This was over a year ago but I have not gone back.

        2. try City oyster...very good...also Sundy House - excellent ambiance...they specialize in New Florida cuisine

          1. The absolute best place for seafood in Delray Beach is Pineapple Grille.


            1. Tramonti on Atlantic in Delray is sublime!! Linda