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Nov 24, 2002 06:27 PM

Where to eat in Melbourne or Vero for Thanksgiving?

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My husband and I are traveling to Sebastian for the holiday. The hotel informs us only a Chinese restaurant will be open on Thursday. Any places in Melbourne or Vero Beach to recommend for that day?

Thanks :)

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  1. My wife and I visited there last winter and ate at Red Garlic. If it is still there, don't miss it - thai? fusion? - not regular stuff ala Thanksgiving but excellent food and service- a real find we felt. If you want ocean front in Vero/Ft Pierce try P.V. Martin's for a more traditional menu. (However I am not certain they are open for the holiday though.)

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      All the large hotels in Melbourne and the beaches have Thanksgiving dinner.....really good. Some of the major resturants are open like Jack Baker's Lobster Shanty in Cocoa Beach...also Benards Surf in Cocoa Beach....just a nice little drive noth on A1A. Also ask Motel manager where you are staying probley knows more than I do. Have a Happy and sunny Thanksgiving.

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        SKIP The Lobster Shanty in Cocoa Beach. Maybe because I grew up on the Pt. Pleasant (N.J.) one, but I foudn this one seriously lacking, especially since they don't serve Jack's trademark lobster bisque. (The sole reason I planned my wedding there.) It's also really casual, not what I would suggest for a holiday dinner out, but that's up to you.

        There's a Chart House right before the Melbourne Causeway (I-192, exit 71 off I-95) and their food is always innovative, the salad bar is huge and the seafood is always extremely fresh. Menu changes daily, but don't miss the Lava Cake (chocolate souffle w/Godiva liqueur and ice cream). See Web site below.


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          I think the Lobster Shanty is very good here.....I have no idea what they have in Jersey....but the one here is really good..they are having their regular menu and Thanksgiving menu the way the Chart House is really good....expensive but good

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            Don't waste your time going to the Lobster's only there for the unsuspecting tourists. The locals in the know head for Florida's Seafood Bar & Grill on the 520 Causeway 2 blocks west of A1A.


            This is where you will find the freshest, best prepared and largest portion seafood in Brevard County. They have redecorated with an enlarged bar area and many salt water aquarium tanks containing tropical reef fish.

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              stick with the charthouse...lobster shanty gets worse and worse every year! tourist trap with 2 capital T's.

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          Red Garlic is not just good, it is great and inovative. We got side tracked the last two winters when we visited the area and just never got back. Whenever I think of it I start to write notes to myself to "get back there". At the time of our last visit, it was mentioned that the owners also ran a more conventional oriental restaurant not far away but we never found it. If indeed Red Garlic is still operating, don't miss it.

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            Red Garlic Bistro has been closed for some time now, at least six months. It was replaced by the Pig and Whistle, a british-style pub.

        3. The larger hotels on Hutchinson Island usually have a Thanksgiving buffet. Check w/Holiday Inn, Sheraton and Marriott on their 800 lines. They're usually pretty decent and you won't have to settle for Pizza Hut on Thanksgiving.

          1. Mimi's Cafe in Viera is always open on Thanksgiving. It is in North Melbourne, off the Wickham/ Suntree exit west of the Brevard Zoo. The start taking reservations in October for the time you will come to eat. They will hand you a menu where you choose a salad or soup. turkey and a desert but they also have a full menu if you request one. It is great food and reasonable.

            1. Major hotels all along A1A do Thanksgiving meals - Hilton Melbourne Beach always does a good job, and on the mainland the Rialto Hilton in Melbourne usually has a nice spread. Stay away from Jack Baker's Lobster Shanty unless you are a tourist or think that Red Lobster is 5*/gourmet fare - Lobster Shanty is one step below at twice the price. Don't tell anyone, but The Fat Snook is the best local-seafood place - about a mile south of Lobster Shanty on west side of A1A, just north of Patrick AFB.

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                MMMMMMMMM ... The Fat Snook is the best!