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Oct 14, 2002 05:54 PM

Good Cuban food in Orlando?

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Does anyone know of any good restaurants? Thanks.

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  1. Miami quality Cuban - no. But there are several Tropigrill restaurants (a Miami chain that transplanted well) as well as Don Pepe's in Altamonte, Rolando's in Casselbery and El Bohio and Numero Uno in Orlando proper.

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      Lawrence Dillard

      I highly recomend Don Pepes in Altamonte Springs. The lunch fare has reasonable prices. The dinners sometimes have entertainment. They have the best Piccadillo this side of Havana. Eat and enjoy.

      1. Good cuban food @ black bean cafe in winter park off of Fairbanks/17-92 great cuban's, chicken....etc.

        1. I haven't been there in awhile buy Vegas on Colonial used to have the best Cuban sandwiches. Actually, anyone know if they are still open?

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            Yes, still open and still good. The owner keeps selling it and then having to buy it back and recusitate it -- so depending on where in the cycle you visit the quality can vary.

            Also, Medina's grocery on Bumby, just north of Central, makes a nice Cuban pork sandwich, decent black beans and a very good Cuabn tamale

          2. my personal favorite is Rincon Cafeteria on Forsyth, near University Blvd. ESPECIALLY their breakfast sandwiches!