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Sep 7, 2002 10:15 PM

Tortillas and breakfast tacos in Tampa

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We moved from San Antonio and are really missing good tortillas and breakfast tacos. Any suggestions? We live on the south side of town. Looking forward to checking out the places that have been mentioned on the board.

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  1. handmade or machine made. does it matter? do you want bowls of fresh pico de gallo loaded with cilantro, along with the homemade salsa verde (tomatillo) waiting for you and everyone else, at the tables? will barbacoa, just on sundays be ok. what places in san antonio served your favorites?

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      good flour tortillas would be wonderful - handmade would be nice but not essential. we asked for an order of tortillas as an appetizer at a restaurant here and they thought we were nuts. i liked el jarro de arturo for nicer meals and taco sensations in universal city for breakfast tacos. heb's central market had good tortillas.

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      You want to go to Armenia just south of MLK. There is a little restaurant called Mi Mexico. Can't tell you about breakfast tacos, but they have breakfast and they are authentic. Shrimp cocktail, ceviche, soup, tripe, tacos, etc. Next door is a mexican products store that sells fresh tortillas daily, and they are also open sunday. Ask the cashier, she has the fresh tortilla in a cooler next to her.

      You can get machaca and eggs at La Fiesta, a mexican store with a few tables in the back on Causeway Blvd (same as 22d street) south of the crosstown.

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        thanks for the info Mexicadawg. we just got back and loved it. as authentic as i could find in the tampa area. highly recommend this place for breakfast.