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Sep 4, 2002 07:43 AM

Orlando Birthday Dinner

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Travelling to florida for our honeymoon next week,
which also happens to be around her birthday 22nd Sept.

Anyone got a good suggestion for a nice dinner near (or cab ride) from Hard Rock Hotel,
We don't like fancy food, but prefer more simple fare (eg. Outback Steakhouse) so Steakhouses/Seafood joints, a good atmosphere more important than great grub.

Open to suggestions



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  1. Vito's Chop House (owned by Charley's but more interesting and slightly better) on International Drive. Second best steak house in Orlando behind Del Frisco's (original) on far side of town.

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    1. re: Joe H.

      I'd vote for Charley's.

      1. re: eimac

        Me too. Steaks are great, desserts are impressive, wine list is giant (some deals too), atmosphere is casual and friendly. A nice place for a special occasion. The original location on O.B. Trail is the best.

        1. re: flavrmeistr

          Thanks All
          Your Suggestions appreciated.
          I'll post a full trip report on all the restaurants we visit on our return to Ireland late september

    2. Charley's for sure..........have never been disapointed!!! We now live in Boca Raton (3 hrs to Orlando) We try to get to Charley's in Kissimmee, Fl. about 4 times a year! We always split the 32 oz porterhouse. Wonderful!!!! You will love it!!! Salad is delicious too!!!

      1. ive been to charleys before and i think itd be a great choice even today

        1. Ran-Getsu of Tokyo on I-Drive. Great authentic Japanese and steaks all the way through Kobe if you'd like that.

          For a group, seafood yosenabe is a shared hot pot that I really like.