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Sep 1, 2002 04:15 PM

Shorty's French Toast

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Do any of you foodies out there remember a spot on Duval St. in Key West called Shorty's? The sign is still there, but alas, it is now a T-shirt shop- just what Key West needs more of...

At any rate, they had the best french toast I have ever tasted in my life- it was dipped in some sort of batter that might have been a sort of sourdough.

If anyone knows how they made it or if it is beingreplicated anywhere in Key West, I would make a trip just to have it again! These days I am forced to settle for Cuban Toast- great, but no match for Shorty's!

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  1. Sorry cannot help you with Shorty's. But, I wondered if you ever heard of the unique French Toast found in Queens and Brooklyn? Perhaps is is similar to what you like?

    What they use is a Challah bread that they cut up in small rectangles, soak in an egg batter, and deep fry in very clean oil. Those babies blow up to the size of your fist and they are served with strawberry preserves and confectioner's sugar. Outstanding.

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      I just made challah French toast last week, and the hubby loved it. We just got a local Atlanta Bread Company, and I was so excited that they had challah bread, even though only on Fridays (what on earth is their reasoning there?? Jews don't eat any other days?) and NO ONE knew what it was. "Holly bread? Never heard of it." Believe it or not, I never get to ABC to get theirs (I'm off Fridays, which means I never leave the house) so I got it at Wal-Mart and it was pretty decent. More like a bland babka. (GOD! What I wouldn't give for good babka right now!)

      But I digress. Challah bread is the ideal bread for French toast. That's what I was trying to say. :-P

      1. re: Covert Ops

        Ops - next time you are in the West Broward area, try Family Bakery on West 44th off of University. Their Bobka is very good as is their Russian Coffee Cake. Hey, you said you don't mind seeking out the right stuff so.....

        Ever deep fry the Challah french toast?

        1. re: Chuck

          The Publix in my neighborhood has great challah bread.
          I like it for regular toast and sandwiches. The expanding French toast you described sounds interesting, though.

          1. re: flavrmeistr

            Flavor Dude - Here's the recipe sort of...Use the requisite number of whole eggs, use half and half, some maple syrup for sweetener, some fresh grated nutmeg, a touch of salt, and cinnamon. Use fresh vegetable oil - 360 degrees and go for it. See what you think.

    2. I know of the place but do not remember the French Toast. I can only suggest to try taking an ad out in the local paper and maybe an old employee will see it and can help.

      1. Sounds good. I would also say to try contacting the local paper there and place an ad. Someone is bound to remember. The Citizen has a section called Citizens Voice which might be the perfect forum. It doesn't cost anything.

        1. Mom recalls working for Shorty in 1944 but no luck on the french toast as it was dinner only menu at the time. Location was in the Jefferson Hotel and after it burned down he opened "Shorty's" at 215 Duval and it was there til '79 I think.

          1. This was my grandparents diner and I would have to dig deep... Best French toast ever!!!