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Aug 27, 2002 08:22 PM

Patty Place -- Jamaican patties -- Miami Gardens/NMB

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On Rt. 441 in the blue-collar neighborhood about five minutes west of Aventura, there's an old strip center called Caribbean Shoppes, and true to its name this one smallish strip mall has among its separate businesses a West Indian record store, grocery store, butcher, fish market, and at least three separate eateries: a bare-bones Jamaican restaurant, a roti takeout place, and a takeout patty place called.. The Patty Place. The latter is a Jamaican bakery with the usual modest selection of cakes and sweets and breads, but the main events are the patties (beef, chicken and veggie) and loaves (ackee and callaloo, I think).

I tried the beef patty on a coco bread. The patty had a thin, flaky crust, crisp but not the least bit brittle. The filling was a deep rich brown, finely ground, moist and appealingly spicy with flecks of vegetable in it. This wasn't the usual tan goo or generic ground beef in most mass-produced patties. I'm not sure where it goes on the scale of such things, but it's one of the better patties I've had. I assume they make them there, though I didn't ask. The coco bread was good, too.

Next time I'm around there, I figure I'll get the chicken and veggie ones to take home, and try a roti next door for lunch. It looked like they had a good selection of fillings.

Patty Place
19547 NW 2nd Ave. (Rt. 441, between Ives Dairy Rd. and Miami Gardens Dr.)

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  1. I'm doing a food tech project and I need the recipies for a Jamaican VEGETABLE patty. If you know the recipie, I would be more than happy if you could e-mail it to me along with any other useful information. Thankyou

    1. There is only one Jamaican patty in Florida that is Charlies from Ft. Lauderdale. The consistantcy,integrity and choice far outperformes any other patty

      1. I found Patty Place’s crust was nice, but the filling had a strong flavor too it; not bad necessarily, but something I could not place. I have also tried Nice Mon in the same plaza, and that had a nicely flavored filling, but I found the crust too thick and it and made it tougher to get through.

        Hammonds Bakery - NW 27th Ave, makes a great beef patty. Nice filling and thin flaky crust combines into a close to perfect patty. Want to try Charlie's if I ever get up that way.