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Aug 22, 2002 10:44 AM

Favorite restaurants in the Tampa Bay area...

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I'm putting together an opinion/forum/poll website for the Tampa Bay area, and I'm looking for suggestions for favorites in the restaurants poll. I have four categories: Family Friendly, Ethnic, Bar & Grill, and Steak & Seafood. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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  1. Ted Peter's- best smoked fish, cheeseburgers, German potato salad and rootbeer in the world!

    William's subs- these things are so good that when we are visiting our families in St. Pete, we bring their sandwiches back to Gainesville.

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      Lisa In Tampa

      Steak & Seafood: Eric's New World Bistro in Palm Harbor
      Bar & Grill: Varsity Club in Clearwater, Jack Willie's in Oldsmar

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        Is Eric's New World Bistro still open? I thought he changed it to an Irish sports bar theme a couple years ago.

      2. Here are a few favorites:

        Laughing Cat - Ybor- Italian
        Cafe Paradiso - So. Macdill - Italian
        Byblos Macdill & Bay to bay - mediterranean
        China Yuan - Seafood - this place is awesome! waters & sligh
        Buddist temple Sunday mornings from 10-2 on Palm River Road - not a restaurant but a great food fair every week - best Thai in the area - can be crazy busy!!

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          On China Yuan, I think you mean on Armenia just north of Waters.


        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. China Yuan (on Armenia just north of Waters) is one of the best in the area. Also, there is a Dim Sum place called Ho Ho Choy on Fletcher Ave that is also good. My family and I also like the Golden Phoenix on Dale Mabry (Chinese/Vietnamese).