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Jul 25, 2004 03:51 PM

PDX: best Margarita

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I'm looking for opinions on the best Margarita in Portland.

As for style: I don't like margaritas that are overly sweetened with lots of sweet and sour or margarita mix, and much prefer the clean, fresh style of just tequila, triple sec and lime juice.

Any suggestions?

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  1. I don't drink, but I'll try to help anyway. If I were going to make an educated guess, I would suggest Esparza's because they're known for their tequila selection and large portions of food.

    I've also attached a list from Citysearch. The editorial staff picked them as best, but the "people" picked Oba!, a Nuevo Latino place in the Pearl.


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      Here's another link:

      That's for 2003 on Citysearch.

      btw, if food is also important to you in this consideration, then I think your best choices would be Nuestra Cocina (midscale regional Mexican), Taqueria Nueve (midscale regional Mexican), or Esparza's (funky Tex-Mex).

    2. Taqueria Nueve makes a really nice, tart margarita. I don't remember the name of it, but it isn't their house one. Their house one is good, but has some fresh oj in it so it isn't as tart. It's the one listed underneath that one on the drinks menu.


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        I believe the Taqueria Nueve one is the "tradicional". I like that one.
        I've had the margarita at Esparzas and its not very good. They use a sour mix instead of real lime juice.


        1. re: rodney

          Yeah, that's the one. It's good.

          And as a bonus they have Tecate tallboys...but they bring you a glass to drink 'em out of which ruins the whole effect I think...the glass cracked up a couple of guys who were there when we were (that and the fact they were the only obvious Mexicans in a Mexican restaurant).


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            Yeah, when I had a margarita at Esparzas it tasted like lemonade.

        2. I've always been partial to the margarita at Hall Street in Beaverton. It is just how you described and they serve it up in a martini glass. They are also only $3 during happy hour. I haven't had one since my favorite bartender left there, but it seems to me that they have always been good.


          1. I realize that this thread is now almost 5 years old BUT -- for anyone searching (as I was) and running across this -- hands down it's Por Que No on Mississippi. None of that sweet pre-mixed nonsense, strong, clean, well balanced -- and perfect on the sidewalk on a rare sunny spring afternoon. They've also opened up shop on Hawthorne.

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            1. re: melogranato

              I agree Por Que NO is the way to go-

              Surprisingly- PF CHANGS has a decent one- was there on a gift card and it didnt sux

              1. re: bkeater

                Tapalaya, the place that opened in Taqueria Nueve's old space on NE 28th, makes their margaritas according to TN's recipe. When in there last week with a group, one of the folks there told us that they inherited TN's bartender and when she left, she gave them the popular drink recipe to continue the tradition. It really excited one of my friends who was a huge fan of TN's margaritas.

                1. re: bkeater

                  Unbelievably, I was going to also mention PF Changs. They call it the organic margarita, and they use agave nectar and Tres Generacions 100% agave tequila. My wife said it was the best margarita she's ever had, and we've been all over the southwest and Mexico!

              2. Best margarita for me came from the hands of Kevin Ludwig one early happy hour day at Clyde Common. I think he's officially left the bar so I'm patiently waiting for Beaker & Flask. I'd also trust the guys at Teardrop as they're big tequila fans as well as good bartenders.

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                1. re: SauceSupreme

                  I'm a fan of the margaritas I've had at Trébol on Albina. I've tried a couple but my favorite has to be their tamarindo margarita with house infused chile tequila. Very tasty!