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Aug 11, 2002 11:41 PM

Smoked Fish Dip in South Florida

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Anyone have any ideas on where the best smoked fish dip is in the West Palm-Lauderdale-Miami area? I know alot of restaurants buy it in bulk. I would like to find a place that sells homemade dip. Any ideas?

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  1. m

    Try Costco. They have a wonderful smoked fish dip, and it's very well priced.

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      The best is Mrs. Peter's Sea Twang, made in Rio and sold locally in the Stuart area. You can get it at their store on 707 in Rio or Stuart Fine Foods on East Ocean Blvd. in Stuart. Summerlin's on Binney Dr. going toward South Beach in Ft.Pierce has a similarly excellent product. The chain of Flanigan's restaurants serves a tasty smoked kingfish dip. Great with cold draft, crackers and jalapenos.

    2. As for restaurants, I've mentioned the fish dip at Le Tub on A1A in Hollywood. They serve it with pepperocinis and saltines. Really good.