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Jul 27, 2002 09:56 PM


  • b

Will be driving from Ocala to the Upper Keys via the Florida Turnpike, any great places to eat near the highway? Thanks.

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  1. b
    Barry Strugatz

    One other question, a friend said that years ago there was a tiny but great Cuban restaurant in a quonset hut on or near Marathon. Does anyone know if it still exists? Thanks.

    1. Latin American Cafeteria - a good place to get a Cuban sandwich (and other delights) has a location right off the turnpike south of Miami. If memory serves me right, it's off the 152 St exit. You can see it from the turnpike in a shopping center. Miami people: please confirm location.

      1. The Popeyes fried chicken at the Canoe Creek service plaza. How do they do it? Volume! The line is always about fifty deep and they move tons of the stuff. It's usually fresh, hot and crispy. Don't bother with the sides, which are unremarkable except for their ability to induce fierce flatulence. Also, the Nathan's hot dogs are first rate and hard to find anywhere else except on the turnpike. Eventhough the cost is at a premium ($3.50 a pop), I find them hard to resist.