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Jul 13, 2002 08:30 PM

The Depot in Miami, is this still there?

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About 20 years ago, my parents vacationed in Miami and dined at a restaurant called "The Depot" in Miami, that they just raved about.

Does anyone know if this is still in business? A check of the yellow pages only turns up restaurant wholesales places with a similar name.


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  1. No, sadly, Larry! This was a super, upscale steak house, which was on U.S. 1 in South Miami, just north of Red Road. I think it's been closed for about 20 years!

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    1. re: Moyn

      Was it true that there were working model trains under the tables? I never got to go, and i was never sure if my parents made up the trains to torture me, or if they were really there.

      1. re: Dan

        Yup, they were really there.... and turned a lot of people OFFF.... was very reminiscent of "Hamburger Express" in the 60's!!! (but wasn't really befitting a 4 or 5 star restaurant... a bit hokey!!! LOL

    2. So sorry to hear The Depot is gone. We ate there. There were train tables shared by two booths separated by a ticket window. Each train table depicted a different part if the world. They were built by Monks in England. It was an awesome adventure..exquisite details on the tables .