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May 4, 2002 12:32 PM

Mongolian Barbecue in Orlando?

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Fellow Orlando-ians, please help!

I've lived in Orlando since November. A while back, I had to take a trip to Tampa and found a place in Ybor City that I simply can't get off my mind.

It was called Dish, and it's concept was that of a Mongolian Barbecue.

Are there ANY Mongolian Grills or Barbecues in Orlando?

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  1. The China Jade restaurants (multiple locations) offer Mongolian barbeque. Some locations are better than others; I've found the one near Orlando Fashion Square to be the best of the ones I've tried. I would not equate the quality of China Jade with that of Dish, at least based upon having eaten at the Dish I visited once.

    I believe the Crazy Buffet chain may also offer Mongolian barbeque, although it is better known for sushi, but it is more expensive than China Jade or Dish as I understand it. There is a Crazy Buffet in Altamonte Springs on SR 436 just West of SR 434 but I have not tried it.

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      I will second the China Jade "Super Buffet" mention. Great little Mongolian grill with beef, chicken, pork, 6 sauces or so, and all the veggies and noodles. They also have a decent chinese buffet. The one previously mentioned near the mall is just off of Colonial on Herndon, behind the AMC theater. Another one (with much nicer, but much less kitschy-fun decor) is on I-drive, north of sand lake road in a little shopping center. There is also one off 17-92 near maitland theat I haven't tried, and there may be a couple more. Check it out - good food, dirt cheap, and they even throw in hand-scooped ice cream for dessert!

    2. I'm familar with Dish and no, you won't find anything like it in Orlando.
      Most of the "Chinese" buffets serve variations on it -- the two mentioned in the other note are probably the two I would say are the best of what I've tried -- that is Crazy Buffet and Jade ? near Fashion Square.
      Dish is themed entirely to the concept with a wide variety of options . . . and quite well done, for what it is.


      1. Fast forward to 2008. There is a small, but growing chain of Mongolian BBQs with one in Altamonte Springs. It is called BD's Mongolian BBQ and is located at the corner of SR 434 and West Town Parkway in Altamonte Springs. A good landmark is the Wal-Mart directly across the street to the north.

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          There is also HuHot at the Florida Mall on South OBT near the 528. I haven't been, but heard it was pretty good.