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Apr 17, 2002 01:06 PM

Louis Backyard in Key West

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I was in Key West this past weekend and before I went down I checked the board for suggestions. All I see was the Blue Heaven suggestion. Tried it the first night and loved it until one of the locals suggested Louis Backyard. This place was awesome!!! We dined on the back patio overlooking the ocean. The patio is built around a huge tree which was covered with little lights. The atmosphere was so romantic. My question is from scrolling through numerous discussions about Key West, how come there is not one mention for this gem? Just curious.

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  1. What has been posted on other boards regarding Louie's is that Dinner has been "hit or miss" for quite some time now......however the atmosphere on the rear deck overlooking the the water I feel is incredible and very romantic. My wife and I normally stop there in the eves for drinks at the bar (Afterdeck)on the deck, after dining somewhere else, as a matter of fact on Valentine's Day evening, that's where we went for a nightcap and a slow dance under the stars in a romantic really is a pretty setting with the lights and such. The evening bartenders are top notch also.


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      I love Louie's also.

      We haven't fallen victim to the "hit or miss" nights yet. Hopefully, we won't!!

      We had wonderful food, outstanding service and a romantic atmosphere. Perfect for a "fancy dinner" night while on vacation. :-)

      Let's hope we keep hearing more "hit" nights - our next trip to Key West is coming soon and since we are down for a month this time, we are planning on trying to get there a few times. Yum!!

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        I wonder if some have an axe to grind with Louis. I have eaten there over the memorial day weekend the past three years and have enjoyed it thoroughly every time. Remember that this is low country cusine. The soft shell crab and shrimp and grits are to die for. The view speaks for itself. If you want upscale french Cafe des Artiste is superb but more expensive and no view. I also love Michaels for steak but again no view. Each is great but different. Viva La Difference.

    2. Try They have a great list with descriptions of restaurants in Key West along with an on going poll. Louie's is not ranked very high. I love the view but was never too impressed with the food and always found the service to be rude.

      1. Many people are not fans of this place anymore. We go there for drinks and have dinner elsewhere. The Chef who put it on the map was Norman Van Akens and he has not been there in a very long time. Since then it has not been "loved" like it once was.

        1. There are soooooo many better places to eat before Louies. Have a drink there but go somewhere else for dinner.

          1. Topping for Synergy

            Louie's is wonderful for a drink before dinner but it is not nearly as good as it once was but there is also a lot more competition in town now compared to years ago. When Norman left, it lost something. You will find very few locals who will dine there for dinner. If its open for lunch, do that. But do take the time to have a drink on the Afterdeck around sunset.