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Apr 2, 2002 06:26 PM

Yo Covert Op - Bueno Bizzarro's

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Got to try Bizzarro's (Mobile Station - Exit 73 - 1-95 - East) and it was good - not great, but good. Far, far better than anything we have in Daytona/Ormond that I've found. I'd be thrilled to have them here.

But, to say, as some have mentioned on the site, that its the best in Florida. Sorry, but no way. They have the right idea though - thin crust, but you need to tell them to keep those slices in the oven a bit longer.

Their pizza reminds me of Sabarros' mall outlet places - its a huge slice with decent cheese and a nice sauce. But, I don't think its as good as several in Dade and Broward counties - sorry. Incidently, there is supposed to be a great pizza place in West Palm Beach called "Sisters" or "Three Sisters"?

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  1. In West Palm, you're not referring to Pizza Girls are you? Nice little spot to eat outside, I believe on Clementine. I don't recall being blown away by the pizza , but it's been about a year ago now. Pat

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    1. re: Pat Hammond

      Yup Pat - Its Pizza Girls...Never been there but New Times' reviewer said it was very good. What say you?

      1. re: Chuck

        As I said, it's been right at a year since I was last there. It was good as I recall, not great. There seem to be so many "styles", when it comes to pizza and I know what I really like. This was not quite it. But it may be for you. Nice folks, and a good spot to sit and "people watch" while you eat. And that good ice cream shop is just down the way toward the water. Try it, and see what you think. Pat

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          Pizza Girls is at the foot of Clematis Street, next to
          Sloane's Ice Cream Parlour (best ice cream place in
          W.P.B.). They do a big slice business on Thur. and Fri.
          nights when people are downtown w/ their kids. The main
          hook is unusual toppings. The best pizza in the West
          Palm area is Palm Springs Pizza at Forest Hill and Congress. Light crispy, airy crust. Feta cheese, spinach, great Italian sausage, nice Greek salads.
          Another favorite is Camilli's on Park Ave. in Lake Park. Thin cracker-like crust, great cheeses and
          ingredients. A large, fully-loaded pie for $11.00.
          Can't beat it.

          1. re: flavrmeistr

            Sounds like there are better places for a great pie in WPB - Are any of your suggestions near an 1-95 exit? Thanks again for all the info on one of life's great pleasures.

            1. re: Chuck

              I'll tell you, Chuck, I wouldn't malign or recommend a slice a full year from the tasting. I was there over Passover last year. Go try it! It may just be your idea of perfect pizza. Pat

              1. re: Chuck

                I also don't care for an undercooked soggy pie, Chuck, although I sometimes like a thicker crust andGreek toppings. That's when I head for Palm SpringsPizza at Forest Hill and Congress in West Palm. From95, take the Forest Hill Blvd. exit west to Congress.Go through the intersection and take a right into theWinn-Dixie shopping plaza. It's up on the north end.They'll bake it nice and crispy if you ask them. For an excellent thin and crispy, Camilli's in Lake Park is the best. Go for the large pie,they always come out perfect. From 95, take the Northlake Blvd.exit (right past PGA Blvd.) go east to US1, turn right(south) to Park Ave. (2or3 lights) turn right, look onright for shopping center, Camilli's is in the middle.Get a dinner salad: basic, nice homemade dressingOn your way east on Northlake just past ProsperityFarms Rd., keep a sharp lookout on your right forDino's Hotdog Factory. Fried Sabrett's, many toppings, Italian dogs, Yoo-Hoo, the whole schmiz..

            2. re: Pat Hammond

              You're right - we all have our own preferences. Can you tell us if the pizza is NY style - thin and well done? Do they use a brick oven?

        2. I think you're referring to Pizza Girls on Clematis. Great pizza!

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          1. re: Allison K.

            Hounds - we need some more feedback on this place - One of the posts said is was nothing special and another said it was great - I heard it was great, too. What's the dillio on these babes?

          2. Chuck, you are definitely a dedicated pizza hound! If I were still in college, my friend and I would probably be meeting you at random pizza joints all over the state! (Alas, due to my pregnancy I'm now on a major quest for spinach calzone and chicken fried rice, because that's all Baby wants.)

            Keep on eatin', and let me know how the bagel search is going! :-)


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            1. re: Covert Ops

              Thanks "Op" and keep that baby happy!! Watch the hot sausage though...Do you think the baby will like thick or thin crusted pizza?