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Mar 27, 2002 07:14 PM

Daytona Beach - A Special Place?

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I'll be in Daytona Beach in 2 weeks on business and will have one night on my own. Can anyone recommend a special restaurant? I'm not a beef eater so seafood or anything else is what I'd like. Thanks!

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  1. You'll be visiting the land of franchise feeding! Good luck. We've lived in nearby Ormond Beach since June and are still trying to adjust to the lack of any good independent restaurants - "Toto, this sure is no Ft. Lauderdale."

    There is supposed to be a so so seafood place in New Smyrna Beach, but I don't know the name - sorry. As far as seafood in Daytona, I'd have to direct you to a whole group of under average places on AIA at the beach - over the Causeway. We hated them, but as a tourist, you will enjoy the smell of the salt air and the view. Perhaps that might make up for the less than stellar meal you'll be getting.

    In a pinch, I'd recommend Frappes in Ormond (ok $$) or Billy's in either Ormond Beach or their other place near New Smyrna Beach for a nothing fancy, good quality, good service and reasonably priced meal. Been there for 50 years... Sorry I cannot be more positive.. Enjoy the ocean.