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Jan 23, 2002 02:39 PM

Help! What's in walking distance from Mandarin Hotel, Miami

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I'm heading down from NY tomorrow to stay there a few days, but won't have a car.

What's great Cuban/Latin within walking distance?

Thanks so much,


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  1. Everything I know of is "over the bridge" in downtown Miami so you will have a little stroll. Ask for directions to La Floridita (I think it is off Flagler Street). You can also check on Latin House or El Casique but don't think they are open for dinner as downtown is unfortunately dead at night.
    If you are not committed to Cuban, try Perricone's, very nice outdoors, casual Italian or if you are on the expense account, Capital Grill is very close to the Mandarian. I have heard the martini bar at the Mandarian is awesome. If you can cab it go to Versailles or La Carreta on 8th Street. My best recs for tourists...