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Jan 20, 2002 09:36 PM

cuban flavor for south florida chowhounds

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thought i'd pass along some tips for the local chowhounds...


ENRIQUETAS -- excellent cuban food, cheap, and great atmosphere from a little cafeteria style lunch spot. cuban breakfast all day, and the steak special (sandwich) and papaya shake are highly recommended.

directions: 2830 NE 2nd AveĀ  (in Miami, near the AAArena) take i-95 to 195 east to biscayne blvd/us1. go south a few blocks to either ne 28th street. it's where the new times office is. hang a right, and go up two blocks to the light at ne 2nd ave. it's a gray, free-standing building, on the southwest corner of the intersection.


VERSAILLES -- again, excellent cuban food. this place is an institution. it's huge, gaudy, and cheap. all the entrees come with black beans and rice, as well as plantains. everything is done well. after the meal, go outside and stand at the counter with the old cuban men and drink your cafe con leche.

directions: it's in the 3500 block of Calle Ocho (8th Street)


and a great find for those of us in Broward.

SEDANO'S SUPERMARKET -- a great latino grocer on the southeast corner of Sheridan and 441/sr 7. back by the deli is a sandwich/coffee counter. the cuban sandwiches are $3-4. all made fresh. with bread from the bakery and meat from the deli that are right there. and the best part. the BEST cafe con leche i've ever had. and it was 75 cents. the friend who was with me, who grew up in Miami, said it was also his best cuban coffee experience ever. he had an espresso. cost = 30 cents. screw starbucks, they've got nothing on this place.



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  1. Versailles was always my favorite. One hint if you don't speak Spanish: when you walk in, the maitre d' will say "Buenas nochas." MAKE SURE you answer with "Good evening" or they will give you the Spanish menus. If you don't know how to say chicken with rice in Spanish, you might be in trouble. ;-)

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      Love the tip, Melissa, thanks! Might come in handy for this old 'hound wandering in that neck of the woods some day.

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        I used to ask for the "menu ingles" too but after traveling in South America and the Caribbean, I found it helped to know what stuff is since they have no english menus is some parts of the world. If you know what to order in Puerto Monte, Chile you will never starve!