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Jan 8, 2002 11:47 AM

sarasota tamalies

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can any one recomend good tamales. frozen is ok as i would like to take them home.

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  1. On 301 just north of Oak St. - a little Mexican grocery/bakery makes fresh tamales on the weekends.

    Buen Provecho!

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    1. re: Alan

      hey! thanks i stopped in this friday. just what i was looking for. plain brown bag no label still hot.flavor great.REAL CHOWHOUND FOOD

      1. re: Alan

        This place is good. They also do tacos -- try the carnitas, order of 4 for $5. Tamales made fresh on Friday only, I was told this past Saturday.

        1. re: Jack Barber

          Anyone know if this place is still around, in some incarnation or other, maybe in a new location? (I remember 5 yrs ago they had another location to the south, maybe in Venice.