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Jan 2, 2002 12:21 PM

Miami: Southeast Asian and Korean

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I'll be spending the month of March in South Beach. Here in Boston, I eat mostly Asian food, with a distinct preference for Southeast Asian (Thai, Malaysian, Cambodian and Lao) and Korean food. I like bold flavors. Any suggestions in the Miami area? I'll have a car and will be willing to travel.

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  1. Go to Hy VOng- fantastic Vietnamese food. The squid salad is to die for and the place has regulars that have been there for years.

    Also- if you like dim sum- try Tropical Chinese restaurant.

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    1. re: amy

      Try kings seafood buffet on 163rd. street north miami.
      the fried squid is mine .......dont anyone go near it when im there.
      The food is great. not expensive at all. you could eat everyday.
      the staff is friendly and very helpful.
      happy eating.

      1. re: Seacat

        Welcome all the new asians to miami.
        thank you.