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Jan 1, 2002 12:28 PM

Report on eats at Orlando (Disney, etc), Ft Lauderdale, Miami and Florida City

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Disney Epcot - Coral Reef: Got a table next to the huge aquarium. Saw a huge shark and turtle next to my face. I ordered the aligator salad appetizer. The meat was actually mixed with pork and tasted a bit like chicken with some tendons mixed in. My wife got the salmon and goat cheese terrine which consist mostly of cheese. The salmon was much less in amount. I also ordered a fish dish (blackened) which was not very tasty. Overall, the food was not outstanding. If you don't get the table next to the aquarium - it is not worth it.

Orlando - Bahama breeze: ordered the pasta with chicken (chef own recipes from mom) was excellent. But overall was not too impressed with Cuban dishes. I gave up on Cuban dishes altogether.

Orlando - China Jade: chinese buffet, good taste. Love the fried shrimps and other dishes. Also had the mongolian thing where you select your own ingredients and the chef stir fry them for you.

Ft Lauderdale - Crab House: ordered the sampler plate which has tasty garlic crab. The regular garlic crab which is smaller are much tastier than the bigger golden garlic crab or the alaskan crab legs. The oyster raw bar was also decent.

Miami - Cuban restaurant(forgot the name) at calle ocho was not impressive. The palomido steak was not tasty amd the pork chunks were dry and hard to swallow. I am disappointed with Cuban dishes again.

Florida City- Coral Garden: buffet with excellent american favorites such as pot roasts, meat loaf, ham, roast chickens and many others. The rib eye steaks were OUTSTANDING and cooked to perfection for only $8.00. It's 1" thick !! Their dinner rolls were heavenly - so soft and makes you want to eat endlessly. The honey butter added to the flavor. Some days they have all you can eat steaks.

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  1. This one is good and I forgot to add to the trip. I had excellent sampler appetizer of prosciutto and other sliced cured meats with capers.

    The veal entree with "brown sauce" was outstanding. Cooked perfectly and the sauce is perfect.

    However, the yellowtail entree with wine sauce that my wife had was not impressive.

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      Next time you are in the vicinity, please mail me for better Cuban recs.

      1. re: MiamiChow

        Here are some to add to your list in Orlando:

        Jade Bistro, Edgewater Drive- fusion Japanese
        Cliff's BBQ- West Colonial Drive- great slow-cooked BBQ- ribs cooked on weekends only
        White Wolf Cafe- Orange Avenue- great soups, salads and quiche
        Dandelion Communitea Cafe- S. Thornton Avenue- organic and vegetarian