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Jan 1, 2002 08:05 AM

St. Augustine Restaurants

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Suggestions of best St. Augustine restaurants.

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  1. try La Parisian in the heart of Old St. Augustine on Hypolita St. Small but very busy bistro with an ever changing tasty french menu. Reservations are a must!

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    1. re: Rick Koenig

      I saw on this site a while ago that La Parisian (sp?) has closed or changed hands and in any case was not up to par. I would hope that was misinformation as I always liked it very much and hope to visit this month on my way south. In addition I would recommend the Salt Water Cowboy, an excentric sort of a place on a side street off A1A in the south end of St Augustine Beach (just ask around). Feral cats roam the area and lend a peculiar feel to the place.

    2. Han's Beach House Restaurant on St. Augustine Beach (A1A) -- simple decor, excellent food and reasonably priced. It is our yearly favorite (we're from Chagrin Falls, OH) for Thanksgiving dining. See my post circa early December for our trip this past November. Try Matanzas Inlet for casual (generally catch of the day) fish sandwiches and drinks on deck overlooking the inlet and Martins in Flagler for a knockout prime rib.

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        Tater (formerly Gregg S)

        I recommended La Pentola in the post linked below. It appears no one else around St Augustine has heard of it (or they are being nice and not posting about a bad experience--somehow I doubt that). It's a real surprise.


        1. La Pentola is now behind the Hilton Historic in, right in front of pizzalleys restaurant.
          All food is wonderful, ambiance is great, very cozy and authentic food.

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          1. re: chasmar

            not to go off on a tangent, but is pizzalleys any good? I'm hitting St. Augie on New Year's and I've visited some of the staples(e.g. opus 39), but I want to try some more of the casual fare.

          2. Cap's On The Water (location, location, location!)

            BREAKFAST: The Beachcomber (just a friendly shack on the beach)
            Huge pancakes with fresh fruit.
            2 A St
            St Augustine, FL 32080
            (904) 471-3744
            off of A1A (Beach Blvd)

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              We love The Beachcomber for breakfast, too. Just found it by accident one time and have been back several times and taken family members with us.