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Dec 29, 2001 10:38 AM


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Anyone know where I might find some fresh kielbasa or pierogi. I'm in Vero Beach, but willing take a drive.

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  1. How far are you from Tampa? There is a GREAT german restaurant here but I'm not sure if its worth the drive...

    1. There is a butcher here in Ormond Beach on Nova Road who makes both the smoked and fresh styles of Kielbasa. I have not tried either, but the fresh looked very, very good. I believe the name of the place is Miller's Meats.

      You would have to go to exit 88 on 1-95 and proceed east to Nova Road. Take a right on Nova and its a few miles down on the left side of the road - looks like a giant red barn. Incidently, I have had their Italian sausage and it is excellent.

      If you cannot find a place closer to you, it might be worth the drive. I had a restaurant in Pittsburgh (Fat Franks)and we had the smoked variety made for us. The smoking process is really very interesting. We served it with homemade caraway seeded kraut and Sabretts light brown mustard on a hoagie roll. It was great.

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        Nancy Wharton

        Some of the best Kielbasa you'll get in this state is form Penn Dutch Meats off 95 in Hollywood. There is also a place on Hollywood Blvd. that makes homemade Pierogi - I've not tasted it!!

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          The worst kielbasa I ever head. When ur from ny I guess nothing taste as good but this was horrible penn Dutch doesn't know kielbasa

        2. This is probably much farther than you want to drive, but Polonia Restaurant in Longwood, a northeastern suburb of Orlando, has the best Polish food I've ever had, including great kielbasa and incredible pierogi.

          1. I lived in Vero Beach for 27 years and, in all that time, the only place that had it fresh was Weiss Meats. I fear they are now closed. If you can find it, there was a Catholic Church in Ft. Pierce that used to have a sort of food festival maybe once a month or so. They got theirs from Weiss too, so if the festivals are still being held, perhaps you can track some down that way. Fresh kielbasa is almost a thing of the past these days.