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Dec 25, 2001 01:51 PM

Ted Peters in Saint Petersburg

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I will be visiting Saint Petersburg next week and look forward to returning to Ted Peters smoked fish restaurant. Mullet, mackerel and salmon are all smoked on the premises. Wonderful food, low prices!

Any comments?

If anyone has any other St. Pete suggestions I welcome them.

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  1. Hi,

    I am the St. Pete and Orlando area editor of a site known as .
    If I knew what type of food and atmosphere you like, I might recommend a few.
    You can review and see reviews of the restaurants you might enjoy.
    Have a safe trip!
    - Brian


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    1. re: Brian S.

      Oh, by the way,,,,
      There is a neighborhood field which will help in your selection based on which quarter of the city you want to dine.

      Have fun!

    2. j
      Janet Akerson

      Have been going to Ted's since I was a child. Everything is the same, except they now smoke more varieties of fish than they did in the 60's. They also make the best hamburgers on on the planet. Generally, we eat burgers and German potato salad at the restaurant and take home (to Gainesville) smoked fish (and extra potato salad). Sit at the bar so you can see the kitchen...a lesson in efficiency.
      In St. Pete, you must go to William's Subs at the intersection of Tyrone Blvd. and 38th Avenue N. They've been there for at least 40 years. Order the jumbo sub, all the way, including the hot peppers. Absolutely wonderful. We also bring these back to Gainesville (they'll pack them to travel with all of the condiments on the side...). Why do people eat at Subway when they could eat here?

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      1. re: Janet Akerson

        I couldn't agree more about William's subs! Also glad to see that "quizno's" appearance across the street hasn't hurt them a bit!

        In the same neighborhood, have you tried Corned Beef Corner? Mmmmm!!!!

        1. re: Janet Akerson

          Is La Croisette still around? We used to go there for great breakfast when visiting my in-laws i St. Pete's Beach.

          1. re: Janet Akerson

            I've been to Corned Beef Corner, but if comparing it to a New York Jewish Deli, The Pickle Barrel on Seminole Boulevard is much better.

          2. WOW. You should warn people about what smoked mullet taste like. I consider myself to be a person who like to try just about every thing but I could not eat their food. If you like very stong fish then try it. I know some love their food but be warned.

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            1. re: John Low

              I couldn't agree with you more about the strong taste. I'm a big seafood lover, but some of the flavors here can be hard to stomach for those who don't like a "fishy" taste. I mainly dine here because it reminds me of my dad, who loved this place. Also, they have great fish dip, really good cheeseburgers, and a funky vibe.
              As for La Croisette, it's still there. We can't make a trip to the beach without stopping in here for breakfast. From the baked omelettes to the french toast, you can't go wrong.
              Finally, I recommend Dockside Dave's for grouper sandwiches, terrific onion rings, and cheap beer. I love this place!

              1. re: John Low

                Mullet is one of my favorite fish to eat. Fried, smoked whatever. If you truly like fish you will like it. Hard for me to order anything else there, although I have been wanting to try their burgers.

                1. re: Old E.

                  Do yourself a favor and stick to the smoked mullet and fish spread - unless you are sharing and/or sampling =)

              2. I found a wonderful NY bagel shop on the corner of Belcher Rd. and Ulmerton Rd called Stew's House of Bagels, it's in Largo, FL. As far as Pizza goes- Little Italy in the Disston Plaza on the corner of 38th Ave. N. and 49th St.. Also Marrio's Pizza in the mall stip where Walmart is located on 38th Ave. N. St. Pete.

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                1. re: risasmom

                  Wonderful and Amazing definitely describes this place, amazing bagels. Try their sesame bagel, just like NYC. Restaurant name didnt come up, House of Bagels off Belcher in Largo.

                  1. re: risasmom

                    It's amazing that we're reviving 10 year old threads to plug a bagel shop in Largo. Seriously? First in January, now in Sept. Maybe you could start a new thread?

                    1. re: UptownKevin

                      I agree UK, and have to wonder about chowhound when 10-year-old posts get recycled like this. There's another example displayed prominently on the board about Bern's - labeled a warning based on a single visit from a diner 10 years ago. Kinda silly.

                      1. re: Bergerman

                        There does not seem to be many posts on St Pete beach I guess we got to rehash up 9 year old posts :O) ...
                        Going in 3 weeks to St Petersburg area and going to give Ted Peters a try.. Maybe a burger and a fish item we can share in case its TOOOO

                        1. re: palmtree38

                          I don't know if I would recommend the mullet at Ted Peter's if fishyness is a concern as it is very fishy. Try the Mahi or the Salmon there.

                          1. re: Robert R

                            Try the smoked fish spread. It is not fishy and is quite good.

                            1. re: RibDog

                              i have read a few references to the fish spread here.. thanks!

                              Do any of you pick up seafood to cook back at home in case we want a a stay in night/llunch for a more econimical meal ?

                              1. re: palmtree38

                                You could but I would just go to Mid-Peninsula Seafood on 49th St. N as they very reasonable seafood. It's easier and more cost-effective for them to make it than for me to make it at home.

                          2. re: palmtree38

                            Mullet is a strong flavored oily fish. I love it, but you may prefer a milder flavored choice. Lot of people love the burgers!

                            1. re: meatn3

                              Rib Dog . we have Mid penisula on our list of restaurants to go to . Is this a better choice for lunch or dinner??

                              Floridian and Ted Peters are for lunches on my list
                              Middle grounds. Sea Critters, Mad Fish. Agave are my dinner... So just want to see if adding mid penisula to my dinner or lunch list would be better???

                              Sea Critters Cafe
                              2007 Pass A Grille Way, St Pete Beach, FL 33706

                              1. re: palmtree38

                                Mid-Peninsula is good to go for either. The menu is the same for both. And VERY casual. And ghod is right, it is on 49th St. S. Say to Joan and Don, the owners, while you are there. They are very good people! Tell them RibDog sent you. BTW, Don makes a killer fish spread also.

                                1. re: RibDog

                                  say hello to them from Rib dog from chowhound and we came all the way from Toronto on his recomendation lol??