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Dec 25, 2001 11:57 AM

HELP!!! Need Restaurants in Lauderhill, Sunrise, Plantation

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I need names of restaurants in Lauderhill, Sunrise, and Plantation...criteria: fair prices, good food, good service.

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  1. No problema guys!

    Great, great Italian pizza, all the old time, well-know dishes and garlic rolls at Mario the Baker on Sunrise Blvd near Oakland Park - you'll love the food and the prices

    The best Chinese in Broward at reasonable prices - Silver Pond - SR 7 between Oakland Park Blvd and Commercial - call first - lots of Chinese weddings at this place - no ambiance but these boys cook as good as Chinatown - fantastic fried rices, Lobster with ginger, Salad Shrimp, Peking Pork Chops, Hong Kong Fried Chicken, on and on - the best.

    Good BBQ on Oakland Park Blvd across from Wallmart - can't remember name right now - sorry but it is very good.

    Great bakery - The Family Bakery on W 44th in Lauderhill -


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      The BBQ place near Walmart is called Woody's.
      Some other suggestions:
      Great Sushi in the Fountains Center near Broward Mall, tho I don't recall the name. Good all you can eat Sushi at corner of University and 44th -- Sushi Takara.
      Shells is a good place for seafood and pasta. There's three located on University.

      1. re: Justin Dubin

        One of the finest restaurants I know is called Valentino's. It's family owned and operated, with Papa (Tony) the main chef, although sons John and Chris also work the stoves and ovens, with John doing most of the specialty work. Everything is prepared as ordered, and will be served by daughter Olga or daughter-in-law Tina. Unfortunately, it is only open three nights a week, Fri, Sat and Sun, and only for dinner starting at 4:00 pm.It is quite small, seating no more than about 40, so I always make reservations. It also generally closes for a few months in the summer, so that Mom and Pop can take a trip to Italy.

        1. re: Dom

          I received an EMail request at my EMail address asking re location and prices. This was my response:
          Valentino's is in Plantation. I don't know the exact address, but it is
          about 7600 NW5th Street. The phone number is (954) 792-3867. I didn't mean
          to imply that it was inexpensive, but there are some entrees between $10 and
          $15, and others, expecially the specials, higher, around $20 and up. I
          don't remember exact prices...actually I don't usually look at their menu.
          My last visit there we had dinner for two off the specials list, with wine
          by the glass, for less than $50 before tip. Yes, they do take reservations

    2. Hounds, for months I have been telling you how wonderful the food is at this Chinese Restaurant on
      SR 7 in Lauderhill. But, I have also warned you it looked like a barn and how miserable the owners were. The waiters are fine, but the owners...

      Anyway, I was back on Thursday after a month or so and lo and behold, the place was completely renovated. it was packed with more than 150 people at 7:30 pm. Many of the customers were Chinese, so you know I'm right on about the quality of their food.

      And, the food is still fantastic and still fairly priced. Two orders of Lobster with Black Bean Sauce, Crispy Hong Kong Chicken, two orders of fried rice, Baby Bok Choy, Large BBQ Ribs, and several wines came to $105 including the tip.

      But, this is a place that obviously caters to their Chinese clientele above all else. In the past, they have literally closed the place for Chinese weddings without any prior notice to their unsuspecting customers. Several times we've showed up only to be turned away on a Friday and Saturday night!

      This time, because we had a large party, we made a reservation for 6 of us one month in advance and reconfirmed it twice. When we got there, there was no table reserved for us and no indication of any reservation in their book! Yet, we observed at least 5 tables that were reserved for their Chinese customers. You know, the ones with the Lazy Susans.
      And, as we waited, they walked right by us and sat down!

      We waited 20 minutes and were finally seated under an air conditioning vent that blew down so hard that the our food was actually refrigerated! And, in spite of all this abuse, the food was still better than any we can find in Broward! Pretty sad commentary.

      Does anyone have a legitimate alternative? Yes, we know about the place on East Oakland Park Boulevard, but their prices are absurd. Hounds, if we're missing a place that's better than the Silver Pond in Broward, please give it up. But, please don't tell us about the Hong Kong place down the block - its not even close.

      1. Try Padrino for very good Cuban food.

        1. In SUnrise, one of the best restaurants is Rio Vista Cafe, a little place on NW 44th STreet between University and Pine Island. Their fish is always delicious and fresh and everything on the menu is well-prepared. It's family operated and the service is great. Only caution - go late, cause it's small and can be noisy early cause there are lots of seniors who come early and are sometimes loud.