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Nov 9, 2001 02:35 PM

British food in Palm Beach county

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Does anyone have any ideas of where I can find British food in Palm Beach County? I'm looking for restaurants as well as grocery stores.

I've been to the Brit Mart in West Palm Beach, and I know they have a branch in Ft. Lauderdale, but they're pretty small.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Allison

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  1. Try John Bull on Community Drive in WPB, and the Blue Anchor in Delray Beach.

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    1. re: William Fox

      There's a British grocery store in Lake Worth on
      Dixie Hwy. across from the Park Ave. Barbeque. I
      haven't been in there but signs in the window tout
      Devon creme, finnan haddie and similar delicacies.
      I also believe there is still a British pub at the south end of Singer Island, maybe called the Blue Anchor as well. As for a good authentic Irish bar
      (right down to the food and the clientele) O'Shea's
      on Clematis is as dank, smelly and boisterous as any in dirty ol' Dublin.

      1. re: ablarson

        Sorry to report that the British store on Dixie in Lake Worth is now closed forever.

    2. blue anchor on atlantic ave in delray beach is a transported pub which specializes in brit fare. give it a try

      1. all the Publix's seem to have a British section, well they do in Boca and Delray. They don't sell much but you can get beans, tinned custard, custard powder, Bird's rice pud, HP sauce, curry mix, Bovril, Marmite and a few Cadbury choccies etc, also Ribena, Robinson's squash, salad cream.

        There is a small grocery attached to the Queen Anne's pub (not sure if that's the name of the pub) but it's in Jupiter west of the Turnpike. They pretty much have the same as Publix and probably a bit pricier tho they serve British food at the pub albeit slightly Americanized.
        The Blue Anchor in Delray have British type food and show footie on match day including hte early games and serve fried breakfasts.

        The Lion and Eagle was taken over recently, it is on Federal Hwy in Boca, also open on match days with Brit type food. I have not been since new ownership.
        more pubs in Ft Laud.
        Indian food!! hmm not so great in Boca/Delray - Punjab is dreadful, Curries and More on Palmetto and Federal has a few items that taste right but don't bother with the naans. Bombay Cafe on Glades behind Boca Raton Community Hospital is ok for takeout but again things don't taste like they should in Blighty.

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        1. re: smartie

          The Queen Mary in Jupiter Farms is great fun! We've been there twice and had a wonderful time on both occasions. They have traditional English fare. A fun bar. And they even have English entertainment! Google The Queen Mary in Jupiter Farms for more information.


          1. re: smartie

            If you want Indian, you have to go to the East-West Market in Boca Raton. It is on (I think) Boca Raton Blvd., just south of (maybe?) Palmetto Park. It is 100% Indian- and authentic indian- all the way. It is more of a grocery store, 7-11 kinda thing. Deeeelish.

            1. re: QTWO

              I thought we were talking English food....Not Indian food in England....LOL!! Happy New Year!!.....And the Indian restaurants that I visited while I was in England were fantastic and changed my mind about Indian cuisine!


              1. re: LargeLife

                Indian food is English food!! Everybody goes for Indian, chicken tikka masala is the Brit national dish.

                1. re: smartie

                  The best Indian food I have ever had was at Punjab in Covent Garden, London.

          2. Blimey! Allison made this request 7 years ago! Allison, what did you find in the past decade?

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            1. re: Eatster


              I need to look at the dates on these posts


              1. re: QTWO

                The Brit store in Lake Worth, on Dixie Hwy., has reopened!!!! :-)

                1. re: rainroosty

                  ooh, what's it called and do you have the address?

                  1. re: smartie

                    The British Depot
                    2402 North Dixie Highway
                    Lake Worth, Florida, 33460.
                    Tel: 561 585 6222.