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Oct 23, 2001 11:18 AM

Is Park Plaza Gardens at Winter Park worth a visit?

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I am travelling to Orlando in November and I am looking for some good restaurants to eat at during my stay. I have just received confirmation from my bank that my loan has been accepted so we can eat at Victoria and Alberts!!

I have looked on the web and the site for Park Plaza Gardens at Winter Park sounds great, question is what do you chowhounds think?

Is it worth a visit? would I be better advised to go there rather than Victoria and Alberts? or can you suggest some alternatives

Look forward to your views,

Regards from England, yours


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  1. no. Go in winter Park to Brio, Houstons, PF Changs, or Cheesecake Factory. If you must eat on Park Ave. go to Village Bistro. (There is also Dexters).

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      While I like the Cheesecake Factory in and of itself, if your aim is an elegant, pricey meal, that's not the place. The atmosphere is VERY loud, the portions are VERY huge. Their mashed potatoes are out of this world, chicken and biscuits are a delightful treat that will feed you for days, avoid the crab cakes, and you must have dessert!

      I was never a fan of PF Cheng's. . .my first thought eating there was "California Chinese," and by that I mean L.A., not San Francisco. Then again, I'm a native New Yorker who's very picky about my Chinese. The meal was certainly tasty, and the setting elegant if a bit pretentious.

      I don't know enough about high-end spots in the Orlando area, but if you're going to be on Disney property anyway to go to Victoria and Albert's, definitely go to the California Grill at the top of the Contemporary. I haven't been there since I was small, but everyone I know RAVES about it. Happy eating!

      1. re: Denise K.
        Chris Browne

        Denise & Bob,

        Thanks for the advice. We will give Park Plaza Gardens a miss, but will definitly try the cheesecake factory during our stay.

        We considered park plaza gardens for the evening meal after our wedding at Cypress Grove. We will now stick to Victoria and Alberts.

        Thanks again, regards


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          One more thing: check the Walt Disney World website and see when the fireworks are for the Magic Kingdom the night you will be at Victoria and Albert's. (The times change almost daily.) If you step just outside -- or better yet, out on the Grand Floridian's private beach -- you should get a nice view. Ask the staff at the hotel where the best place to watch is, they're very knowledgeable about such things. Enjoy your holiday!