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Oct 23, 2001 10:22 AM

stone crabs

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i am a big stone crab fan but they are generally a little too pricey. went to cami's last night in south miami--a pound of awesome (supersweet, ideal texture)medium crabs for 9.99. i took a bunch of the mustard sauce home too--i'll find something to do with it (not too creamy--flecked with mustard seed). HIGHLY recommend.

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  1. That's interesting. . .and I bet there's no wait at Cami's, as opposed to Joe's. . .try anything else there? Do you have any other fav places in the Gables, the Grove or S. Miami?

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    1. re: Denise K.

      i just found out about the board--which is phenomenal by the way--in the new yorker last month, when calvin trillin did an article on "chowhounds". so, although i've scanned, i'm not really sure what's been covered...however, i'll risk being redundant: the burger at "the bar" in Coral Gables might be the best. vietnamese at hy vong on 8th street (just east of the gables) is the only truly authentic southeast asian cusine i've had since i moved back here from brooklyn. rincon aregentina on douglas is my favorite parillada--the chimmichurri is unbelievably garlickly and the affable, yet formal spanish-speaking staff is straight out of buenos aires. the departure of le glacier and their escargot and home-made ice cream in south miami was a tragic loss. the lemony, grilled mahi-mahi sandwich at scotty's landing in the grove is great--and the view of dinner key marina is cool too. fish tacos at the sandbar in the grove is a good deal too--but the best fish tacos are at a little place on south beach whose name escapes me on 13th between collins and washington (fried catfish, an interesting twist--and the hot sauce has kick). i could go on and on--with the exception of a five year stint in brooklyn and ohio, lived here my whole life. looking for anything in particular?

      1. re: sweetguy

        Hey, welcome and great post with lots of Miami area ideas! Its good to have you on board.

        One suggestion - when you have so much to say, you might want to consider starting a new thread with a more apt title - that way people are more likely to take note of your contribution.

        Again, welcome!

        1. re: jen kalb

          I am a new poster too. Am off to Joe's tonight for crabs. I'll let you guys know how the wait is in spite of "economic slowdown."
          Heard about site from a good friend who reviews resturants for Time Out NY.

          1. re: MiamiChow

            so how was the "joes experience"? i haven't heard from anyone that's been there since season started--what was the wait like? what size claws did you get and how were they?

            1. re: sweetguy

              Wait was just under an hour and 15...crabs were awesome and service as always excellent. Not as many tourists as actually looked like more locals waiting in line...saw about three people I know.
              Just got information on stone crab mail order/pick up from Everglades City (where Joe's docks are). If you want information, let me know. I have picked up from there before (about 45 minutes outside Miami on 41) and they are awesome, but have not tried shipping.

              1. re: MiamiChow

                Is there still that big fishing camp with rest. in Everglades City? We stayed there years ago and enjoyed their stone crabs.

                1. re: jen kalb

                  Apparently two threads up they mention a stone crab place in Everglades City. Link is below. :-)


                  1. re: Denise K.

                    YES - its the Rod and Gun Club we visited. Quite a place, traditional, full of history (a number of presidential visits in the past), impressive fish on the walls, a nice dining room and a dock with some serious fishermen - at least as I remember it.

                2. re: MiamiChow

                  yes that would be excellent--i'd love to see how they ship (although I'm kind of wedded to cami's for crabs right now locally--went again on monday: tremendous once more). there was also a piece in the herald sports section (the outdoors part) about two weeks ago about a day trip you can take on the crab boats in the keys and afterwards have a candle light dinner with the crabs on the docks. i'm considering doing that too--let you know if i do.
                  one more "crab-related" point of interest--i actually had great claws when i was in appalachicola last spring. they were as big or bigger than any of the jumbos i've seen--and although i prefer the sweeter meat in the mediums--it is alot easier to crack three or four jumbos instead of eight or nine mediums. i fully believe that the only advantage to the bigger claws is convenience--but that's just my opinion; people seem fairly divided on that issue.
                  and thank's for the good news on joes. i might splurge and head over there on sunday.

                  1. re: sweetguy
                    Gregg S (changing to Tater)

                    How much are stone crab claws down there in sofla? I've seen them "fresh" for $20/lb and $14/lb for medium. I've also picked up some frozen ones for $7 just to get a fix. They were ok, but obviously not as good as the "fresh" ones I've had but I could not pass up 1lb at that price.

                    1. re: Gregg S (changing to Tater)

                      i've gotten them for as low as $15/lb for large and $8/lb for mediums--but that's wholesale and fresh. friend of friend. stone crabs a la carte at cami's (a sofla seafood chain)--something i've touted several times as a great deal--are only $9.99/lb for med. and fresh daily. that's good for takeout too.

                      1. re: sweetguy

                        I'm going to be in Miami in March for one night on my way to Dom. Republic. Would love to have stone crabs, but don't want to go to Joe's. I read above about Cami's. Any other suggestions. Will stay at Sheraton at the airport. Should be easy driving distance. Thanks for any suggestions

          2. re: sweetguy

            I agree with Jen, start a new thread and give us a huge exhaustive list of all your SoFla favorites. . .most people here can't seem to talk about anything but Baleen and Nemo, and those are far out of my price range! :-)

            I love the Thai place on U.S. 1 near Kendall Drive. . .the Siam Lotus Room. . .you know, the one with the ugly lemon-lime paint job. Food's superb though.

            Had a few really nice meals at the Chart House off Bayshore Drive in the Grove. . .nice date place. Their chocolate lava cake is chocolate souffle filled with Godiva liquor. . .to DIE for!! Also try their rare tuna, sesame salmon and calamari medallions. Too bad they took out the salad bar, it used to be the best in Miami.

            Quiet, elegant yet relaxed Italian at Joia on Ocean Drive and 2nd. . .the quietest spot on the strip! Very attentive service, and conveniently late hours (for when I want food at 11pm on a Sunday).

            Don't even get me STARTED on The Melting Pot. . .I'd live there if I could. On Sunset and 107th, all fondue, all the time. VERY romantic or VERY fun, depending on who you bring. :-)

            Versailles for Cuban. ..the ONLY place, though I've never been to La Carreta. Calle Ocho and 36th Ave (SW). Their walk-up window is the best, if you get past the rude old ladies.

            Seafood, I'm partial to Sunday's on the Bay in Key Biscayne. (Wear sunglasses if it's sunset.) I loved their lobster ravioli, and they had great appetizers (I can't remember, it was too long ago), and I've heard that they have a wonderful Sunday brunch. More reasonable than the Rusty Pelican.

            Jim Leff (the creator of this site) actually went to school in Miami, so if you read down or search you'll find a thread titled The Alpha Dog's Ancient Miami Favorites List, or something like that. It's another good place to start. But places change (like the Hungry Sailor is no longer open) so fresh threads are ALWAYS appreciated!

            Again, welcome! Glad to have you! :-)