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Sep 25, 2001 01:37 PM

Before/after concert at Kravis Center in WPB

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Hi hounds!

Going to see Tori Amos at the Kravis Center on Friday night, and was looking for help in the area, since I've never been there. We'll be a group of 8 friends, and I was looking for someplace near the venue (and easy to find our way) where we could get a quick bite to eat beforehand, or a casual place for drinks and noshing afterwards. We're a semi-low budget group, as some are still in college. Sushi would especially be appreciated, or any small cozy bar where we can chill afterwards. Thanks for your help!

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  1. If you're looking for sushi, Crazy Buffet on Palm Beach Lakes is great (not cheap, but a really good deal) - all u can eat buffet, including sushi, shrimp, crab legs, and more.

    Also, you're right next to City Place, which has a few restaurants (not exactly cheap, but really convenient). Also, you can take a free trolly from Kravis to Clematis, and there are quite a few restaurants there. Pizza Girls has great New York Style pizza, and they have small tables outside to eat. Rooney's Pub is also nice. There's also a restaurant called Finjan (certified Kosher) that has great middle eastern food, and great prices. All of the above restaurants are on Clematis.

    On Village Blvd. off of Palm Beach Lakes is No Anchovies - nice Italian restaurant.

    Hope this helps.


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      Michele Cindy

      I 2nd the Crazy Sushi rec. I'm going back down to WPB over Thanksgiving and I will most surely go back again to Crazy Sushi. I'm really glad to hear they are still in business. The sushi is good for an all you can eat place. I was a bit nervous about it, but it was really decent. The only thing I was nervous about were the oysters, unless I know everything about them I won't eat them on an all you can eat basis...

    2. Check out the Roxy at Clematis and Olive. They pride themselves on being 1) the oldest bar in town and 2)
      not overcharging people for decent food. They are
      virtually the only place serving liquor downtown that
      doesn't. Try the Roxy Burger or one of the daily specials. No 12$ martinis or 15$ plates of spaghetti
      here. Just good food and reasonable drinks.

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        One thing I forgot to add. At the Roxy, you can get
        served and get out in time to make your show, which
        can be tough on a friday nite downtown. I'm not actually a shill for this place, it's just that they've
        never let me down.