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Sep 15, 2001 11:15 AM

Pizza in Miami

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I've been here for 5 years and can't find any good pizza except on the Beach. Some people like Frankie's. Anyone have any other tips for the city and the south Miami area.

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  1. Pucci's on Lincoln and Alton on the beach is one of my favorites.

    A UM favorite that also passes muster for me is Casola's on U.S. 1 and 17th Ave (right before I-95).

    My chowhound Miami pizza expert swears by Slice and Ice, on 1 and Ludlam by Tom Thumb convenience store (yes, next to the Big Cheese. . .their garlic rolls are terrific, but the pizza is so-so). Haven't had Slice and Ice yet, since it opened after I moved north, but I trust his opinion implicitly. Hope these help; let me know what you think, and if you can find any others!

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    1. re: Denise K

      Ah, how fleeting good pizza is. . .

      Was in Miami this weekend, and tried Slice and Ice for myself. .. under new, sadistic management. . .their pizza tastes just like Sbarro's. . .ugh. Sorry.

      1. re: Denise K.

        There is a pizza joint in the gables, right on US1, it called Miami's Best Pizza . It used to be called Little Cesars years ago (before the chain existed). This is great homemade, good ingredients pizza, not chain stuff. Their pepperoni is among the best. Give it a try, youll like it.

        1. re: SeñorChow

          FYI, I am the former Denise K, and Pucci's is long gone, for those of you looking for it. I'm no longer in Miami, so I can't speak for the other places (though I'm sure Big Cheese is still there. . .)

      2. re: Denise K

        I know Denise K's post is ancient by chowhound standards, but there have been a few other recommendations of Casola's pizza.
        Personally not a fan. If you're just hungry and need calories and aren't feeling too discerning about the flavors, you'll love Casola's. Very generous quantities of toppings and cheese, thick crust. Inexpensive. But not very good.

      3. There is this really awesome resturant in Coconut Grove, but I cannot remember the name off the top of my head. Heading North on US1 turn right onto Grand Ave. from there go straight down until you see MAINSTREET, and turn. (you can only turn right) You will see a Johnny Rockets on the corner, then next to it will be a door.. then a open pizza cafe. Great pizza! Reminds me of New York!

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        1. re: bellamafia6917

          Bellamafia6917 must have meant New York Roma Pizza, which is at the location now.
          The pizza there is not bad, but Andiamo and Pizzeria Blu are both better.
          NY Roma also needs to scrub the floors and clean the place up a bit.

          1. re: bellamafia6917

            The restaurant in the Grove you're referring to is Cosoli's.. big greasy late night munchies New York style fold it and munch it on a street corner type pizza. Really good. Cassola's is amazing (SW 17th ave and US1) a lot of people don't even know it's there hidden behind what I believe now is a Citgo gas station. But locals pack in since 1982 and for good reason. Great addictive NY style pizza and subs are the best bets.

            1. re: sunkissed64

              Sunkissed, the directions Bellamafia gave for a pizzeria next to Johnny Rockets in the Grove has got to be NY Roma Pizza, in the vicinity of 2985 McFarlane Rd, two doors down from Johnny Rockets (3036 Grand Ave, on the corner of Grand and McFarlane). (I haven't been there since last fall, but you can still see the picture of that pizzeria on google maps streetview.)

              1. re: racer x

                racer x is right. Its NY Roma Pizza. Besides, Cazzoli's (proper spelling) closed a year or 2 back. It is now Boardwalk Pizza.

          2. Just got back from vacation in South Beach. Had a damn good slice of pizza at Pizza Rustica on Lincoln. There's also a store on Washington.

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            1. re: Rondo

              Andiamo on Biscayne and 55th-chewy crust, not too much junk on top-cheap beers and wine-sit outside while your having your car detailed next door (it's a Miami thing). Best I've had in Miami yet.

              1. re: Miami Danny

                Update on Andiamo's-didn't want to leave this post untouched, as I have watched Andiamo's go downhill, sadly, over the past few months. It's more crowded than ever, so maybe the pies are being rushed, or they just don't care anymore, and they've settled into a comfortable mediocrity. The crusts have been doughy, the toppings-the cheese has no taste-the mozzarella, the gouda, the parmesan, can't tell one from the other-no taste or texture at all, the 'sauce' is too sweet, the 'caramelized' onions are just raw onions tossed on top, the pancetta-well, the whole thing tastes like it came out of a can or a freezer. Really disappointing. This was my go-to joint! I'm back to East Side. Anyone else been here lately?

                1. re: Miami Danny

                  Is East Side the one that used to be Flora's on 79th with the open air seating? Got take out from there a long time ago and was underwhelmed. We sometimes get pizza from Che Soprano which isn't bad.

                  1. re: Frodnesor

                    Yeah, Flora's. They revamped and got a new pizza maker and chef. A little uneven, but tasty. And BIG pies. And, oddly, the burgers are great. Actually now that I think of it, the meatballs are pretty good, too. Must have a good hand for chopped meat.

                    1. re: Miami Danny

                      It has been over 20 years since I was last in Miami. The one truly remarkable memory that I have, is biting into a calzone that I bought at Flora's Pizza on 79th. The ricotta cheeze and some type of special pizza dough were extraordinary. It was an unforgetable experience that haunts me to this day. I wish I could recapture that taste sensation. I understand that it has changed ownership. Does anyone know if they still sell calzone? I recall that calzone was only sold on certain days of the week. I was told that was because it was quite labour intensive, or something like that. Still craving that calzone after all these years.

                      1. re: craving calzone

                        Flora's has indeed been revamped - now called East Side Pizza I believe - and I've not tried recently. If you say the calzone was good, I'll have to see if they still do it.

                        1. re: craving calzone

                          I had a slice at Flora's Eastside this week and must say I was very impressed! They do have Calzones on the menu. An insider told me there was some connection to Steve's there now. Either the original owner of Steve's took it over, or their original pizza chef, or a relative? I forget exactly how the story went as I was much too preoccupied with my gargantuan slice of pizza. The slice was thin & huge and among the best renditions of NY pizza I've ever had down here. Definately worth a stop while traversing the JFK causeway in Miami.

                    2. re: Miami Danny

                      A year later and Andiamo has gone completely down the drain. The pizza itself is so-so. But why drive to Biscayne and 55th St for mediocre pizza? And the service is a nightmare. If you're in the mood for bland pizza, in an iffy neighborhood, and with unattentive service by despondent teens then this is your place.

                      1. re: zorba

                        Some of us actually happen to be close to Biscayne and 55th St. But as to the greater point, tis true that the pizza at Andiamo is unexceptional.

                        1. re: zorba

                          Just had another great pizza at Andiamo last night.
                          Not bland at all.

                  2. In Coconut Grove there is a restaurant/lounge called Green Street Cafe which I found very good pizza on their menu and laid back , quiet , not-so-Sobe atmoshpere and great drinks too. This is a great place to go to on a pleasant day in a nice neighborhood.

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                    1. re: mm530

                      In South Miami, Miami's Best Pizza has great pizza and the oven is old and hot so the crusts are great. Cozzoli's in South Miami is not bad, but they are inconsistent. Steve's Pizza on Biscayne and 124th is not bad either.

                    2. I'm in West Fort Lauderdale and have been going to the same place since 1988...the owners are from's real NY Pizza...right across from the Broward Mall...called Jacaranda Italian Ristorante...we love it's a 15 minute drive fromt he house but we go and pick up most weekends the foods is awesome homestyle italian place and during the season there is a line for's been a long time...but I do remember Steve's being good.


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                      1. re: Lu612

                        Lu612, where is this pizza place exactly? On the Broward or University side?