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Pizza in Miami

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I've been here for 5 years and can't find any good pizza except on the Beach. Some people like Frankie's. Anyone have any other tips for the city and the south Miami area.

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  1. Pucci's on Lincoln and Alton on the beach is one of my favorites.

    A UM favorite that also passes muster for me is Casola's on U.S. 1 and 17th Ave (right before I-95).

    My chowhound Miami pizza expert swears by Slice and Ice, on 1 and Ludlam by Tom Thumb convenience store (yes, next to the Big Cheese. . .their garlic rolls are terrific, but the pizza is so-so). Haven't had Slice and Ice yet, since it opened after I moved north, but I trust his opinion implicitly. Hope these help; let me know what you think, and if you can find any others!

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    1. re: Denise K

      Ah, how fleeting good pizza is. . .

      Was in Miami this weekend, and tried Slice and Ice for myself. .. under new, sadistic management. . .their pizza tastes just like Sbarro's. . .ugh. Sorry.

      1. re: Denise K.

        There is a pizza joint in the gables, right on US1, it called Miami's Best Pizza . It used to be called Little Cesars years ago (before the chain existed). This is great homemade, good ingredients pizza, not chain stuff. Their pepperoni is among the best. Give it a try, youll like it.

        1. re: SeñorChow

          FYI, I am the former Denise K, and Pucci's is long gone, for those of you looking for it. I'm no longer in Miami, so I can't speak for the other places (though I'm sure Big Cheese is still there. . .)

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        I know Denise K's post is ancient by chowhound standards, but there have been a few other recommendations of Casola's pizza.
        Personally not a fan. If you're just hungry and need calories and aren't feeling too discerning about the flavors, you'll love Casola's. Very generous quantities of toppings and cheese, thick crust. Inexpensive. But not very good.

      3. There is this really awesome resturant in Coconut Grove, but I cannot remember the name off the top of my head. Heading North on US1 turn right onto Grand Ave. from there go straight down until you see MAINSTREET, and turn. (you can only turn right) You will see a Johnny Rockets on the corner, then next to it will be a door.. then a open pizza cafe. Great pizza! Reminds me of New York!

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          Bellamafia6917 must have meant New York Roma Pizza, which is at the location now.
          The pizza there is not bad, but Andiamo and Pizzeria Blu are both better.
          NY Roma also needs to scrub the floors and clean the place up a bit.

          1. re: bellamafia6917

            The restaurant in the Grove you're referring to is Cosoli's.. big greasy late night munchies New York style fold it and munch it on a street corner type pizza. Really good. Cassola's is amazing (SW 17th ave and US1) a lot of people don't even know it's there hidden behind what I believe now is a Citgo gas station. But locals pack in since 1982 and for good reason. Great addictive NY style pizza and subs are the best bets.

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              Sunkissed, the directions Bellamafia gave for a pizzeria next to Johnny Rockets in the Grove has got to be NY Roma Pizza, in the vicinity of 2985 McFarlane Rd, two doors down from Johnny Rockets (3036 Grand Ave, on the corner of Grand and McFarlane). (I haven't been there since last fall, but you can still see the picture of that pizzeria on google maps streetview.)

              1. re: racer x

                racer x is right. Its NY Roma Pizza. Besides, Cazzoli's (proper spelling) closed a year or 2 back. It is now Boardwalk Pizza.

          2. Just got back from vacation in South Beach. Had a damn good slice of pizza at Pizza Rustica on Lincoln. There's also a store on Washington.

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            1. re: Rondo

              Andiamo on Biscayne and 55th-chewy crust, not too much junk on top-cheap beers and wine-sit outside while your having your car detailed next door (it's a Miami thing). Best I've had in Miami yet.

              1. re: Miami Danny

                Update on Andiamo's-didn't want to leave this post untouched, as I have watched Andiamo's go downhill, sadly, over the past few months. It's more crowded than ever, so maybe the pies are being rushed, or they just don't care anymore, and they've settled into a comfortable mediocrity. The crusts have been doughy, the toppings-the cheese has no taste-the mozzarella, the gouda, the parmesan, can't tell one from the other-no taste or texture at all, the 'sauce' is too sweet, the 'caramelized' onions are just raw onions tossed on top, the pancetta-well, the whole thing tastes like it came out of a can or a freezer. Really disappointing. This was my go-to joint! I'm back to East Side. Anyone else been here lately?

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                  Is East Side the one that used to be Flora's on 79th with the open air seating? Got take out from there a long time ago and was underwhelmed. We sometimes get pizza from Che Soprano which isn't bad.

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                    Yeah, Flora's. They revamped and got a new pizza maker and chef. A little uneven, but tasty. And BIG pies. And, oddly, the burgers are great. Actually now that I think of it, the meatballs are pretty good, too. Must have a good hand for chopped meat.

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                      It has been over 20 years since I was last in Miami. The one truly remarkable memory that I have, is biting into a calzone that I bought at Flora's Pizza on 79th. The ricotta cheeze and some type of special pizza dough were extraordinary. It was an unforgetable experience that haunts me to this day. I wish I could recapture that taste sensation. I understand that it has changed ownership. Does anyone know if they still sell calzone? I recall that calzone was only sold on certain days of the week. I was told that was because it was quite labour intensive, or something like that. Still craving that calzone after all these years.

                      1. re: craving calzone

                        Flora's has indeed been revamped - now called East Side Pizza I believe - and I've not tried recently. If you say the calzone was good, I'll have to see if they still do it.

                        1. re: craving calzone

                          I had a slice at Flora's Eastside this week and must say I was very impressed! They do have Calzones on the menu. An insider told me there was some connection to Steve's there now. Either the original owner of Steve's took it over, or their original pizza chef, or a relative? I forget exactly how the story went as I was much too preoccupied with my gargantuan slice of pizza. The slice was thin & huge and among the best renditions of NY pizza I've ever had down here. Definately worth a stop while traversing the JFK causeway in Miami.

                    2. re: Miami Danny

                      A year later and Andiamo has gone completely down the drain. The pizza itself is so-so. But why drive to Biscayne and 55th St for mediocre pizza? And the service is a nightmare. If you're in the mood for bland pizza, in an iffy neighborhood, and with unattentive service by despondent teens then this is your place.

                      1. re: zorba

                        Some of us actually happen to be close to Biscayne and 55th St. But as to the greater point, tis true that the pizza at Andiamo is unexceptional.

                        1. re: zorba

                          Just had another great pizza at Andiamo last night.
                          Not bland at all.

                  2. In Coconut Grove there is a restaurant/lounge called Green Street Cafe which I found very good pizza on their menu and laid back , quiet , not-so-Sobe atmoshpere and great drinks too. This is a great place to go to on a pleasant day in a nice neighborhood.

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                      In South Miami, Miami's Best Pizza has great pizza and the oven is old and hot so the crusts are great. Cozzoli's in South Miami is not bad, but they are inconsistent. Steve's Pizza on Biscayne and 124th is not bad either.

                    2. I'm in West Fort Lauderdale and have been going to the same place since 1988...the owners are from brooklyn...it's real NY Pizza...right across from the Broward Mall...called Jacaranda Italian Ristorante...we love it ....it's a 15 minute drive fromt he house but we go and pick up most weekends the foods is awesome homestyle italian place and during the season there is a line outside....as for Miami...it's been a long time...but I do remember Steve's being good.


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                      1. re: Lu612

                        Lu612, where is this pizza place exactly? On the Broward or University side?

                      2. There is a place called Pappa Ricco's on SW144th (I think) and US1 that is really good. It is in a strip mall (like everything else in the area)...

                        1. Louie's Brick Oven up at around 156 and Biscayne Blvd has good pies.
                          Not cheap though.

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                          1. re: keysrat

                            Louie's Brick oven has recently shut down...new italian restaurant open for lunches now in its place. Haven't tried it but will soon

                            1. re: N.Miami.hound

                              Isn't it same owners with a name change? I think so but could be wrong

                              1. re: The Chowfather AKA sobe

                                Yes - "Louie" and "DiBono" both = Lou DiBono. There's a bit in miami.com about the new, more Italian-ish version->

                          2. Pizza Prima behind Nemo on 1st. The slices are great, but order an entire custom fresh pie for the freshest tastes. It is, hands down, 100% the best NY style pizza on South Beach. The crust is amazing, the sauce is perfectly sweet. Prima is the absolute antithesis of Pizza Rustica, which in my opinion, is disgusting slabs of 1 inch dough with little sauce and cheap ingredients designed to stuff you, not satisfy you (maybe with the exception of the BBQ chicken if you're wasted at 3am.)

                            1. I must say that Anthony's Pizza in Aventura (US1) and for the beach Spris on Lincoln Road. For me the best Pizzas I have had in Florida so far. Very different styles of pizza, but both extremely great!!! Spris a bit more "gourmet" in the sense that you can get really great and tasty toppings like goat cheese, pine nuts, and all you can imagine that tastes great. Anthony's would be more of an authentic coal fired pizza. Great stuff!!!!!

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                                I do like Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza. There's a few locations. Not exactly a traditional pizza (and a little too burnt for some) but plenty tasty.

                              2. Agree with Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza. Love the burnt crust. Bella Luna, an excellent Italian restaurant in the Aventura Mall, has very good thin crust pizzas.

                                1. Pizza Rustica on the beach, as long as you don't mind the paper plates and plastic cups. Casolas on SW 17 ave, just south of the end of I95. In South Miami, I would have to go with Blue- right across from Deli Lane, great Italian style wood oven pizza, with REAL mozzarella cheese. Slice & Ice on 67 Ave is no longer around, the one on 27th ave is still there, but haven't been in quite a while. The Big Cheese of course, but I can't handle the wait for dine in myself. Paulo Luigi's on US1 and 142 St. has great wood oven pizza as well.

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                                    Pizzeria Blu is like pizza in Italy.

                                  2. Take a look at La Loggia (across from the downtown courthouse). As of now, they only offer a choice of 3 pizzas, each is somewhat compact, and each go for about $13, but they are the closest things to Roman pizza that I've ever had in America. They are small, thin, and a bit crispy.

                                    1. you may wish to try the uruguayan style pizza at Con Tutto (On calle ocho between 13th court and 14th Avenue).. it's a thicker crust pizza cooked in a wood burning brick oven. The fugazza is a cheese and onion only pizza -- very traditional in Argentina and Uruguay.

                                      The pizza at Rosinella (downtown or the beach) is a thin crust style that is very tasty.

                                      1. It has been over 20 years since I was last in Miami. The one truly remarkable memory that I have, is biting into a calzone that I bought at Flora's Pizza on 79th. The ricotta cheeze and some type of special pizza dough were extraordinary. It was an unforgetable experience that haunts me to this day. I wish I could recapture that taste sensation. I understand that it has changed ownership. Does anyone know if they still sell calzone? I recall that calzone was only sold on certain days of the week. I was told that was because it was quite labour intensive, or something like that. Still craving that calzone after all these years.
                                        I thought I would place this reply in sequence or should I start a new topic? I'm new to this "chat" type of communications.

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                                        1. re: craving calzone

                                          Moved here 3 months ago from NY and I am shocked at the pizza quality here. I live in downtown. Ive tried Mama Caruso's, Archies, Pizza Rustico (totally overrated "gourmet style" pizza, Casola's)...HELP!! Have not tried Andiamo or Miami Best yet...Are they worth a shot?

                                          1. re: kdrossi13

                                            Andiamo is good -- not great -- amid a great atmosphere. Miami's Best is edible. Pizzeria Blu is better than both in my opinion. I love Pizza Rustica's creativity and toppings. It's the crust that earns the D- grade.

                                            1. re: taiga

                                              Pls do yourself a favor an avoid Andiamo. Se my post above.

                                          2. re: craving calzone

                                            Dear Craving, Although I can tell you that the closest thing to NY here is at East Side Pizza. 731 NE 79 Street. You should also try their burgers! I got wind that they made it in to the Food Channel's Burger Bash next year.

                                          3. Di Napoli Italian Restaurant, 117th SW & US 1, made in a fire roasted brick oven, crust so thin it melts in your mouth, fresh, fresh, is the key. Also The Big Tomato at 124th SW & US 1, everything fresh, many different crust choices, ie wheat, etc. great sauce many unique topping choices. They also make fantastic salads served in a sour dough bread bowl.

                                            1. Mario the Baker in North Miami used to be pretty good. But I haven't been there in ages. I understand they've expanded and franchised--don't know if that caused a compromise in quality.

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                                              1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

                                                The Mario the Baker downtown is dreadful.

                                                1. re: herbage

                                                  I second Bella Luna in Aventura Mall for nice thin crust pizza... i like the sausage personally but the rest of my family loves the one with the salmon.

                                                  Also liked the thin crust pizza at Michael's Genuine alot. Went with the slow roasted pork and fig pizza once and the shitake mushroom and gruyere another time. Both delicious.

                                                  IMO Steve's on Biscayne near 123rd behind the Denny's is the best pizza around. And always open late.

                                                  Rustica is always satisfying after a late drunken night out but the next day..... haha

                                              2. You guys must try Pieducks, just recently opened and I tried it last night. It's on South Miami Ave, one block west of Brickell at 14th St. in the One Broadway bldg. It's wood burning, really fresh and high quality ingredients (including the cheese). The management is VERY customer oriented, they will even bring the pizza to your car if you pick it up so you don't have to worry about parking or wearing your PJs. Open 11 to 11 daily. I loved my pizza (I got a margherita)

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                                                1. re: moonsea

                                                  I can report that this place has actually gotten better in the 10 months they are opened. It is thin crust style pizza but it is very good. BTW - It is a gas fired oven, not wood burning.

                                                  1. re: moonsea

                                                    I tried Pieducks last night. I liked it quite a bit.
                                                    Better than Rustica, Spris (Gables), Miami's Best, Frankie's, and Casola's.

                                                  2. There is this amazing little spot in South Miami that I used to go to all the time when I was in school at UMiami called Pizza Kitchen. It's in a strip mall that has a bunch of crap in it, including a thai place called SeaSiam (?? if i remember correctly) and a tackle store...Pizza Kitchen is in the corner towards the back and I think the sign on the marquee just says "PIZZA". But it is AWESOME. I'm not a fan of Casola's or Miami's Best (blec)- I always felt like Pizza Kitchen was more of a NY-Style slice. It's a really small place, no inside seating, just a couple of plastic tables outside if you can't wait until you get home (which I never could)!!! They've also got a great house made garlic/cheese bread that I think they make with the pizza dough that rocks.

                                                    Also, can't remember, but I'm pretty sure there is one day a week they aren't open- so just call ahead and if the phone keeps ringing, then that's the day :)

                                                    Pizza Kitchen
                                                    12715 S Dixie Hwy, Miami - (305) 256-9459

                                                    1. There's a California Pizza Kitchen that opened during the last year in the Gables. Personally, I'm a fan of Miami's Best, but in case you wanted to keep your options open!

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                                                        I just returned from Phoenix where I ate at Humble Pie, Oregano's, and couldn't get served at Pizzeria Bianco though I had a sandwich at their sister Pane Bianco. I wouldn't trade Phoenix for Miami -- too antiseptic -- but the pizza there, all unrooted in deep history, is much better than ours, which at best, is edible. Won't somebody soon fill this obvious void. (Please)

                                                      2. There is an Italian restaurant in Hialeah, Di Piazza, that's been there for 30 years or so (103rd street, and 17th ave - Kmart shopping Plaza). It is family owned and run - I returned this week after 20 year expecting the worst. Great surprise - still great pizza! I live in NYC and love Patsy's on 117th street but for Miami this is an excellent pie. Try the garlic pizza. Netsky

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                                                        1. re: Netsky

                                                          Hey I remember that place! It's good to know it's still there and still decent. I used to go there after shopping with my Mom at Westland. Their pizza was my reward for being patient while Mom shopped for crappy clothes at the mall LOL.

                                                          1. re: Netsky

                                                            Damn, I work right by there and need a lunch option for Mondays outside of Subway, McD's, and Wendy's...ugh. Do they have sandwiches as well as pizza? Dare I ask if there is a menu online?

                                                          2. I know this is an old post but Frankie's is owned by my girlfriend's uncle and her dad owns Jerry's Pizzeria in Boca Raton. Both NYC boys that have been making pizzas in South Florida for decades.

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                                                            1. re: BlueHerons

                                                              I like Miami's Best Pizza on south dixie hwy in coral gables.
                                                              I also like andiamos on biscayne.
                                                              steve's in NM is also a winner.

                                                              1. re: aribo

                                                                2nd STEVE'S in North Miami!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                Oh my god so good

                                                                I remember when I used to live in Surfside, I could always rely on them after late-night poker games coming back in to the beach.

                                                                You can get seriously addicted to this pizza. Don't know how they do it. It's the rather sweet sauce that really does it though I think; therefore you will probably either LOVE this pizza or rather not like it at all. Nothing in-between methinks.

                                                                1. re: somnambulant

                                                                  NMB area, I have to agree, Steve's is the best I've had and they do Sicilian which is my favorite.

                                                                  After that, Chicago's Pizza, I like their supreme. I think that Anthony's near Biscayne and 163rd, if it's the one I'm thinking of, and drove by that strip mall, they may not be open anymore ?

                                                                  Another I tried, expensive in comparison though, Pizza Fusion off Biscayne at the Publix near FIU.

                                                                  In Doral, there's an Anthony's coal fired, but I'll be perfectly candid, places that name a pizza after Paul & Young Ron (radio DJ's with their own show) can't be really that good ? Just me, I prefer Loven Ovens in that area. I will say Anthony's has a superior interior dining experience though.

                                                                  Loven Ovens
                                                                  8373 NW 12th Ave, Miami, FL 33150


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                                                              1. re: Alyson777

                                                                Just had Anthony's on Biscayne Blvd for the first time tonight.
                                                                Pretty good. Decent sausage (fennel sausage!) and pretty good sauce.
                                                                It could have been better if it had been less salty and if the crust had not been so heavily charred. (Yes, they advertise that their pizzas are well-done, but burnt crust should not be one of the flavor notes.)

                                                                One of the better pizzas I have had in the Miami area.

                                                              2. I just tried the new Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza in Pinecrest and it was delicious. I've heard all about it on the radio and on this blog and I have to say I was totally blown away. The house salad was really fresh and tasty, the wings were crispy. They are served with caramelized onions and focaccia bread.
                                                                We had a couple of pizzas and they were all great, but the meatball and ricotta pizza was out of this world. The crust is super crispy and the cheese is delicious. Its definitely going to be in my rotation.

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                                                                1. re: jessicam29

                                                                  I went to the Anthony's in Pinecrest opening day (5/6/09) for lunch. Wings and onions tasted of char, char and more char. The Paul and Young Ron was, 'Meh'. The roast beef sandwich was good, nicely seasoned. I guess I'll chalk up the char to the opening day, and try it again.

                                                                  1. re: Auger

                                                                    Anthony's will always have the char, that's why they tout the "coal-fired" bit.

                                                                    1. re: Auger

                                                                      Auger, funny you came away with the same impression of the Paul & Young Ron that I did. I didn't go to the Pinecrest, but trust me they burn a pizza wrong at Anthony's coal fired pizza and it's not just an opening day thing, they do it that way every time I've been there. Burning a pizza to me is being able to burn the cheese without charing the crust. Anyway, I prefer the crust crunchy on the outside, yet chewy and not dried out., the center should be thoroughly cooked with enough sauce to even flavor the bites of the crust. I only go to Anthony's coal fired if I'm forced by a group lunch, I'll even try to get out of that luncheon group if at all possible.

                                                                  2. I am a big fan of Andiamo, Miami's Best Pizza, Frankie's and Anthony's Coal Fired.

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                                                                    1. re: aribo

                                                                      I have been ordering from Miami's Best since I was a kid, I think they have stopped making the crust in-house, it just seemed too much like a chain pizza the last time I ordered from there. Mario the Baker has a very similar pie.

                                                                      If people haven't ordered from Frankie's, they don't deliver but you can get a half-bake to take home.

                                                                      1. re: purpledude

                                                                        Funny you shoud say that PD, I went to Miami's Best the other day for a slice and was told it'd be 20 minutes! WTF? I bolted and headed north to Casola's which is quite overrated itself frankly. Yeah it's big and greasy (grease is good) but it is seriously lacking in taste, it just seems so bland to me. Doesn't anyone have the cojones to add some spice to their sauce other than Steve's who seems to think sugar qualifys as a spice!

                                                                        I still beleive the market is wide open even with the plethora of pizza we already have down here...most of which is mediocre at best - dreadful at worst!

                                                                    2. Flavor-wise, how similar are the pizzas from Spris on Lincoln Road to those from the Spris in Coral Gables?

                                                                      1. The Herald article looks a lot like the pizza crawls...curious...


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                                                                        1. re: herbage

                                                                          The common denominator is that most of the pizzerias discussed have opened relatively recently. So perhaps not a surprise that the pizza crawls and the Herald author cover similar territory.

                                                                          Can't wait to try Casale's after reading the article.

                                                                          1. re: racer x

                                                                            I just remember hearing talk on the boards of the Herald lifting ideas from our posts.

                                                                            1. re: herbage

                                                                              My theory is that VPE wanted Friday off so she combed Chowhound, found our discussions, and turned in the article. Its kinda obvious considering PizzaVolante removed the Volante 100 about a month ago...

                                                                              1. re: Blind Mind

                                                                                Well, she does write, "I've sampled more good South Florida pizza in the past three months than I have had here in my lifetime. "

                                                                                It's a lot to ask anyone, even a professional reviewer, to try 9+ pizzerias in a row in the space of just a week or two (although I've tried as many in a week myself in the past).

                                                                                1. re: racer x

                                                                                  Why would a professional reviewer be different than anyone else? I don't get what you mean by "even".

                                                                                  1. re: tpigeon

                                                                                    I just meant that there are restaurant critics (people who review restaurants for a living) who eat the majority of their meals in restaurants that they are in the process of reviewing, and no doubt some food writers who are working on a story will occasionally sample multiple versions of the same dish from different restaurants in a short period of time just for the sake of the article. I doubt most of those of us who aren't critics are that compulsive.

                                                                        2. I tried Casale's Pizzeria the other night.
                                                                          The pizza was spectacular. The best I've had in South Florida. In fact, I'd rank Casale's among the top 20 pizzerias I've enjoyed over the years (covering NYC, New Haven, Chicago, LA, Boston, Napoli, and Rome, among other cities). The mozzarella and the tomato sauce were perfect. The crumbled sausage I requested was very, very good. The slightly-charred (not burnt like Anthony's) crust had just the right thickness to hold the toppings without becoming soggy and just the right chewiness. The crust had no distinct flavors of its own though; it merely served as canvas for quality toppings. My only complaint was that the margherita I ordered had no fresh basil (an oversight?).

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                                                                          1. re: racer x

                                                                            I thought you would like this place x

                                                                            1. re: racer x

                                                                              My husband and I tried this place last week and we were not impressed at all. We liked the actual place, it is very family friendly and very cute, and I couldn't believe how big it is for SoBe. We have always really liked Sardinia so we had high expectations. The pizza was very good but we didn't think exceptional. The real disappointment was on the sides of the mozzarrella bar. The burrata we ordered was ok but the accompaniments had to have been canned I swear. I mean I could literally do better at home with my eyes closed. I have never said something like that on chowhound cuz I know how you guys love to argue and I don't, but I have to say it! Maybe we need to go back and try some more things, since after the disappointing first moments of the meal we stopped at one pizza pie and that was that, but it is hard for me to go back. Tell me tpigeon, what should I order??? For now we are sticking with Pizza Volante...

                                                                              1. re: yomyb

                                                                                tpigeon just went into shock, grab the defibrillator! :)

                                                                                I thought the mozzarella bar accompaniments were awesome. I had the bresaola and the anchovies. The anchovies were my favorite - loaded with condensed flavor so you only needed a small piece w/ each bite of mozz. What did you order as sides?

                                                                                1. re: Blind Mind

                                                                                  They were so bad I swear I can't remember, we had three. I know one was a bean side, and these were totally canned with some a few chopped celery bits and some horrible dressing. I mean a bit of fresh rosemary and good olive oil would have been better. The other were some sort of roasted tomatoes. I make this at home and it is always a hit. These were very bitter, not to mentioned served very cold... anyway I am getting too negative here... no need...

                                                                                2. re: yomyb

                                                                                  I agree with you on the mozzarella bar sides. Though I don't think they were canned, they were disappointing. We got zucchini and tomatoes. The zucchini was limp and tomatoes, which were supposed to be grilled, were raw. I like the idea of it, just the execution at least in out cases didn't work out. Next time I'll get stronger sides (anchovies sound very good).

                                                                                  1. re: yomyb

                                                                                    tegamino app
                                                                                    polenta app
                                                                                    Atomica Pizza
                                                                                    Spicy Sausage Pizza
                                                                                    Sag Harbor Pizza
                                                                                    are the ones I have liked the best
                                                                                    The bottarga sometimes does not have enough bottarga on it.
                                                                                    Both calzones are great.

                                                                                    1. re: tpigeon

                                                                                      They need to work on their desserts. I do not recommend them

                                                                                3. I finally ate at Sosta last night. Can we say Soggy? Wow. We had the one with the "salami" (pepperoni), sausage (from up the road at the German place?), olives, mushrooms and prosciuotto; and the mushroom, ham and proscuitto one as well. There was hardly any cheese and the entire thing was flaccid. The only redeeming factor was the crust which was pretty good and crisp. Too thin pizza with too much topping and not enough cheese makes for a big sloppy mess. Meh.

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                                                                                  1. re: HabaneroJane

                                                                                    I started this thread in 2001 when my login was different, and I still feel the same. Sosta, by some corporate restaurant group, Casale, Anthony's all serve to illustrate what has oft been repeated, despite Frod's and other disciples cheerleading and pizza crawls. (I apologize in advance for the umbrage taken.) After all Andiamo won!

                                                                                    Miami is still not a pizza haven, despite more edible opportunities; good pizza remains elusive. I would go on, but it has all been exhausted.

                                                                                    1. re: taiga

                                                                                      what peeves me is that these pizza places aren't cheap. flaccid pizza should be free, not $15 a pop.

                                                                                      1. re: taiga

                                                                                        Andiamo won my "readers' poll" which I'd readily acknowledge was about as reliable as a Chicago election (or a Florida one for that matter). And no umbrage taken, but I don't think I was "cheerleading" as much as simply gathering empirical evidence. Some places I thought were pretty good when we visited, others were disappointing. What I said can speak for itself ->

                                                                                        I actually had the same reaction to Sosta as you did - I thought the toppings were bland and the ratios of topping to crust was off, leading to soggy sloppy pizzas.

                                                                                        On the other hand, I had some good pies along the way - Pizzavolante, Racks and Casale (first visit) in particular stand out. However, a second visit to Casale was less impressive, and I've heard from others who were less impressed with Pizzavolante.

                                                                                        I'd never argue at this point that Miami is a pizza "haven," only that there are now several options to get a better than decent pie. In fact, I would agree with your conclusion - "good pizza remains elusive" - but perhaps with a somewhat different meaning. I think there are places in Miami now that are capable of making very good pizza. But I think they may be finding it's still difficult to do so *consistently.*

                                                                                        I thought it interesting that Bruni drew much the same conclusion as to those hallowed NY pizzas:

                                                                                        1. re: Frodnesor

                                                                                          You mean you did not use the scientific method when doing the poll or the pizza crawls and did it more for mere fun? I am ashamed of you. How dare you call yourself a chowhounder.

                                                                                          1. re: Frodnesor

                                                                                            i haven't been to andiamo in ages but i used to love it! nice to see it's stil doing well. will have to make a return visit. have yet to go to casale or pizzavolante either but have been hearing mixed reactions from people from good to meh. I shall see for myself!

                                                                                            1. re: Frodnesor

                                                                                              With regard to the "readers' poll", to paraphrase Winston Churchill's dictum: "Democracy is the worst form of food criticism." The second part of his statement does not apply in this case. Plus this was Internet Democracy and I highly suspect some organized ballot stuffing based on how the results came in.

                                                                                              As for the general argument, having lived in NYC for 25 years before coming to Miami, I would have to say that there is plenty of bad pizza there as well. New York style pizza is typically not even that impressive to New Yorkers and the most highly acclaimed establishments are actually making pizza in various Italian styles. And that brings me to the point that I have had in general better pizza in Italy (both Rome and Naples specifically) than in either New York and Miami. Yet even there consistency can be elusive.

                                                                                              I think the current Miami offerings are impressive if not spectacular and would agree with Frod that three of the recently opened options (PizzaVolante, Casale and Racks) represent a substantial improvement on what was available previously as well as being quality contenders in any American city.

                                                                                              1. re: Frodnesor

                                                                                                There are more pizza options than before, and it is impossible to compare NYC to Miami, and a "readers" poll is not scientific, and no one ever takes umbrage. While I think Bruni's focus was slightly different, and bad New York pizza abounds (much of it thanks to tasteless tourists), it still is easy to find good pizza, especially at the traditional end. Here, it remains elusive, despite these promising high end options. New Haven we are not; no haven we are.

                                                                                                1. re: taiga

                                                                                                  I would not call good pizza elusive here... "traditional" or gourmet...

                                                                                          2. Haven't found any better than Frankies The test of a great pizza is does it taste great when it is cold! I also like Steves on Biscayne and Mike's in Kendall

                                                                                            1. I think part of the problem is determining what is meant by 'good' pizza. I don't like the char (*burnt) on my pizza crust. People who swear by Anthony's like it.
                                                                                              There's obviously the whole thick crust v. thin crust debate. And of course the toppings. I don't think pizza should have fennel or artichokes on it, but my husband wouldn't dare eat a piece when I order my pie with anchovy or bottarga.
                                                                                              I always remember liking the pizza at the skating rink when I was a kid. To me, that was good pizza!
                                                                                              And every time I eat pizza in NY, I always have to blot up all the extra grease. yuck.

                                                                                              1. Went to Racks tonight.
                                                                                                The pizza was very good. Not as good as Casale's, but much better than most other choices around Miami.

                                                                                                I can't agree with Taiga.
                                                                                                Casale's, Racks, Anthony's, and Andiamo all make great pizzas by any standard.

                                                                                                3 Replies
                                                                                                1. re: racer x

                                                                                                  And I went to Casale last night. Pizza was once again typical of the area---burnt--I mean charcoal in my mouth--crust and limp, flaccid dough with hunks of lukewarm, hardly melted, tasteless mozzarella cheese. At one point it was like cheese and crackers. the mozzarella fell off the soggy dough and I had to put it back on. We got the simple version so as not to weigh down the dough--the salimini--spicy salami and mozzarella. Not impressed at all.

                                                                                                  1. re: HabaneroJane

                                                                                                    I didn't like their salamini myself.

                                                                                                  2. re: racer x

                                                                                                    I like Anthony's, and I enjoy the vibe much more than the pizza at Andiamo. I like Pizzeria Blu in South Miami as well.

                                                                                                    I will try Casale's and Racks, but I crave the New Haven pies.

                                                                                                  3. Eureka! I finally found fabulous pizza in Miami (to my liking, at least)..no, it's not NY-style but enough about that..Joey's rocks. I know many of y'all here have been and praised it. I finally made it this weekend and was hugely impressed. Had a simple ham and mushroom pie ..the mushrooms were button and weren't even needed ...it was the perfect balance of cheese, sauce, and crust that had me singing the pizza praises.. it wasn't flaccid, the sauce wasn't too sweet, the crust wasn't soggy. Love! After a futile crusade that took me to sub par pizza places like Sosta, Casale, Anthony's, and Spris, finally, Joey's does it right. I still have two more places to try--Racks (pizza only as I have previously posted about my awful non-pizza experience there) and the Pacific Time pizza joint whose name escapes me. After Joey's I'm not sure those two will add up. But we'll see.

                                                                                                    1. I went back to Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza on Biscayne Blvd in Aventura last night for the first time in a number of months. The place was packed. Almost every seat at the tables and the bar was filled, plus a line of people waiting to be seated in the waiting area and extending well outside the restaurant. Lots of seniors and babies. Is it like this every Thursday night? Or was this just the result of families needing a night out for the first time after the winter holidays?

                                                                                                      The pizza was decent overall but too salty. And too expensive at $18 for a large pizza with just one topping.

                                                                                                      2 Replies
                                                                                                      1. re: racer x

                                                                                                        When I've been to that Anthony's in the evening it has been mobbed.

                                                                                                        1. re: racer x

                                                                                                          racer x, amazing you hit Anthony's for too salty and even expensive. I found Pizza Fusion superior to Anthony's. And they both are competitively expensive. Three things that I'll avoid in Italian food. Too much salt, too burnt and the other too much garlic. Two of those three are seasonings and shouldn't be the dominant flavors. And with Anthony's, the spots that are burnt, you might as well throw that part away. Is the crust so burnt that it makes your gums bleed ?

                                                                                                        2. Outstanding Pizza. Brick Oven Tower! Really tasty, fresh ingredients, the best pizza I ever ordered for delivery. Try the Calabria Pie!

                                                                                                          1451 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33130

                                                                                                          1. I tried Sosta again this past weekend hoping that I'd have a better experience. It was OK, nothing special. The calamari was god awful. Spris is the spot for pizza on Lincoln Rd.

                                                                                                                1. re: taiga

                                                                                                                  So this thread is like Larry David?

                                                                                                                  1. re: Frodnesor

                                                                                                                    Yes and I would treat them equally when taking advice on good or great food.

                                                                                                              1. I have been back to PizzaVolante a few more times recently and have been reallly impressed by the pizza. On my first visit the crust was somewhat cracker-y, but they've ben tweaking and now the past couple times it's had a near-perfect balance of doughiness, chew and crunch. Firm enough that a slice will stand up on its own without drooping when you pick it up; supple enough you can fold it without it cracking. Toppings always good too, high quality mozzarella, and the cacciatorini has great pepperoni and guanciale.

                                                                                                                I've also been back to Racks and enjoyed theirs as well. Still haven't tried the $30+ "truffle pie."

                                                                                                                4 Replies
                                                                                                                1. re: Frodnesor

                                                                                                                  I agree that PizzaVolante is very good. It appears that I'm the only one who likes Sosta (on this board). I've been back a couple of times and don't really love the pie options (toppings) but I find the crust, cheese and sauce to be really tasty and very close tasting to traditional NY style slices.

                                                                                                                  As I previously advised, if you want to try a really good NY slice, head north to downtown Hollywood and grab a slice at Mauro's on Hollywood Blvd.

                                                                                                                  1. re: The Chowfather

                                                                                                                    I need to give Sosta another chance, we clearly had a bad night there.

                                                                                                                    1. re: Frodnesor

                                                                                                                      I gave Sosta another chance. It was a little better but still a failure. PizzaVolante has been great on multiple visits. Their cacciatorini is awesome and the "Enzo" sandwich is a must try!

                                                                                                                    2. re: The Chowfather

                                                                                                                      Hey, I liked the pizza at Sosta (although service could have been better). It's just that I wouldn't include it among my favorites in Miami.

                                                                                                                  2. I wnet back to Anthony's Coal Fired this weekend (actually first time to their 87th Ave store in Doral). This is BY FAR the BEST PIZZA in FLA IMHO. Yeah the outer crust was charred, I could care less sense I don't "do" crusts anyway. Their plain chesse pizza bursts with flavour especially the tomatoes. I LOVE IT! And special bonus FYI, they just added coal fired Spare Ribs which were off the hook too!


                                                                                                                    1. Anthony's
                                                                                                                    2. Anthony's
                                                                                                                    3. Anthony's

                                                                                                                    3 Replies
                                                                                                                    1. re: netmover

                                                                                                                      OK, net, let's have it: How much are they paying you for that post?

                                                                                                                      (But, seriously, the crust is one of the features that separates the wheat from the chaff, especially when you are paying that much for a pizza. I do like Anthony's, but I wouldn't claim they're "by far the best in FLA.")

                                                                                                                      1. re: racer x

                                                                                                                        "Au contrar" = to the contrary my cyberfriend...I gladly paid 70 bux including tip for a party of 4...no beer and no wine! We had one large Cheese Pie, One large order of Wings and a small order of their ribs which I wished I would've supersized. The 1-2-3 thing dates back to one of my orginal CH posts ever - TOP PIZZA in FLA where I proclaimed Rustica to be 1-2-3. ACFP has no equals-not even Rocco's in Brooklyn which I had the other day was better! The charred crusts at ACFP were very small and not worthy of chewing when there were more slices to be had. Their pomodoros POP in your mouth...a very special sensation in deed. Wish I were getting paid to eat there...I'd be fatter and happier!!!

                                                                                                                        1. re: netmover

                                                                                                                          netmover, you sound like I was as a child with pizza and brownies, middles only ! But as I've come to enjoy food more, pizza crusts are the bomb. I've also come full circle and realized the corners and sides of brownies are better than or just as good as the middles. What you suggest regarding ACFP is that the last bite isn't good, it's actually garbage to be discarded with the empty box ? I prefer a crust that has just enough sauce that the crust is a cheese-less pizza unto itself, a saucy bread stick for lack of a better description.

                                                                                                                          As for the order, funny you broke up the pizza with an order of chicken wings and ribs ? Chicken wings are another debate/subject altogether ?